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    Poor HD Video Today - 2010-07-11

    I'm seeing terrible HD video performance today. One "frame" every 1 to 3 seconds... happening on all my HD channels. In Santa Fe, NM using a 722 receiver with an OK signal strength. Check Switch didn't change this behavior.
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    622 Hangs/Freezes

    Here's the situation that I'm seeing cause 622 freeze-ups: 1) Record a show (on a local HD channel - *not* OTA) 2) Begin watching the show while it is recording. 3) After a period of time, the picture freezes, audio drops out, and the receiver stops responding to the remote control. The...
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    622 - Edit Timer Question

    I have timers set up to record "New" Heroes and "New" Studio 60. What is happening is that the last 30 seconds or so of Heroes is ending up on the beginning of my Studio 60 recordings. This usually hasn't been a problem for me, until now. I have been keeping up with watching Studio 60 (and I...
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    HDNet Display Calibration Program

    I have heard that HDNet periodically will show various test screens to use for display calibration. Does anyone know when they do this? Does it show up in the program guide so that I could set a timer to record, or do I just need to keep a watch out for the test patterns? Thanks.
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    Tuner Choice In Timers? (ViP622)

    Is there a way to select the tuner (TV1 or TV2) the DVR will use when you create a timer? I had a timer scheduled to record something on one of the HD Locals channels. While waiting on the timer to kick in, I was watching something on HDNET. I expected the timer to kick in and change...