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  1. SpenceJT

    Anyone interested in some Dish 500 "dishes"

    I've got a number of dishes laying around the house that I had purchased from a guy who was going out of business. I was considering jumping into the installation business but a new baby put an end to those crazy thoughts. I have at least four of them, including mounting feet. One of them...
  2. SpenceJT

    Another Dish 6000 up for auction on eBay!
  3. SpenceJT

    Anyone have a 6000 they would like to sell ?

    I will, when my 921 comes in.
  4. SpenceJT

    looking for 6000

    If that falls through, I've got a 6000 which is "fully loaded" (8PSK and 8VSB modules) that I will be putting up for sale whenever my 921 comes in. I'll be including both the 'blue' and the 'yellow' SmartCards as well as a legacy adaptor! Regards, Spence
  5. SpenceJT

    Anyone have a sw64 for sale?

    you will have a private message in a couple of minutes!
  6. SpenceJT

    Anyone have a sw64 for sale?

    Dear Mr. Aggression, Timing is everything! Last Saturday my SuperDish was installed with a SW34 replacing my SW64. I was planning to post my SW64 up onto eBay this week, but with a 14 month old in the house, I have yet to get it listed. My SW64 was mounted on the inside wall of my...