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  1. h2ouup2

    Help me out here. ATT has a great 2yr offer - I want to stay but???

    Okay, I have been a DISH customer since 2000. I currently have the Hopper 3, 4K Joey, and four wireless Joey's. My bill is around $170 per month. My Internet is with Cox currently the Ultimate @ 300 Mbs @ $99.99 Home Phone through Cox at about $46 per month unlimited (Yes I still need a...
  2. h2ouup2

    DISH Network SCAM!

    Today I received a phone call from what my caller ID showed as DISH Network. The broken Indian accent told me that Dish had installed new satellites and they had to verify my receiver would work with them. He asked "Are you watching TV right now?" I answered "Yes." The scammer then asked me...
  3. h2ouup2

    Has DISH discontinued the OTA dongle?

    I read in another thread that Solid Signal said there would be no more OTA dongles produced. Looking online, everyone is either out of stock, on back order, or you pay 10X the retail price for one. I rely on the OTA in my household. When the weather gets bad, if I lose SAT signal, we can...
  4. h2ouup2

    Tribune Dispute finally resolved I'm glad they finally got this dispute resolved.
  5. h2ouup2

    4K Joey skip back button doing crazy things

    On my 4K Joey, depending on the channel I'm on the skip back button skips back 30-60 seconds instead of 10 seconds. Also on the channels that it does skip back only 10 seconds, after about 10 seconds it jumps back to live TV. I expect this will be fixed soon? Or maybe I'm the only one having...
  6. h2ouup2

    Can't get KOCO TV 5.0, 5.1, 5.2 in OKC with OTA dongle

    I have the OTA dongle for the HWS, and a large antenna in the attic. When I had my 722K I was able to get all the local channels 30+ as I am less than 10 miles from the towers. Now that I have the OTA USB dongle connected to the HWS, I get them all but channel 5.0, 5.1 & 5.2 (ABC). When I...
  7. h2ouup2

    Record OTA when guide says Digital Service

    I have OTA in both the 722K and 622. I can record OTA fine when it's also in the quide (i.e. a channel that dish has as a local). What I can't do is record a set time on a OTA local that dish doesn't offer as a Dish local. If I am watching a show I can record it manually, but I can't record...
  8. h2ouup2

    622 can't rewind skip back on NBC HD

    I just started having this problem with SW version 6.14 that seems to affect only NBC-HD. I can't pause or rewind. When watching live TV if I try to pause, rewind, or skip back it doesn't work. The buffer shows the program is paused, but when I press play, or skip forward it jump to live TV...