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  1. cheebs

    Bizarre problem with Xbox360 HD-DVD and Heroes Disc 2!

    I pre-ordered Heroes on Amazon and got it the day after the release. Much to my disappointment, Disc 2 of the set would not play. Called Amazon, got an RMA and had a replacement sent. Got the replacement yesterday. Well dangit Disc 2 from this set won't play either!!! All others, from 1...
  2. cheebs

    HR20: Radically different signal readings between tuner 1 and tuner 2?

    I only ran my second line for tuner 2 this weekend. Imagine my surprise when running the signal meter, the readings were wildly different (much, much lower on tuner 2). At first, I thought I had messed something up in the install. Flipped the lines (tuner 2's line to tuner 1) and the...
  3. cheebs

    anyone having problems with D* H20 ird?

    I have had 3 of them go bad. They download the update, reboot, and when it's time to load the guide, it just searches for signal. Same symptom with all 3 ird's... any thoughts? :mad:
  4. cheebs

    Questions about the different D* sats and HD

    WEll, I've been trying to make head or tail of this, but only have managed to confuse myself more LOL. So, the argument from D* is that they have no satellite capacity to carry any more MPEG2 HD channels. What I can't undestand is why they don't use the apparently very large capacity that...
  5. cheebs

    Amp/cable slope compensator on home run w/22khz multiswitch?

    I need to know if it's ok to use an amp/cable slope compensator on a home run from a 22 khz multiswitch. It's a very long run (150+ feet) and I'd like the customer to be happy from the get-go. I have 13db and 20db amps, an 13db amp/slope compensators. TIA!!! :D
  6. cheebs

    Help us test our NASCAR2003 server!

    We need your help! Just set up a N2003 (Papyrus) server with voice, and would like to test some pickup (quick) races. We'd like to start Friday at 2pm EST. The server will remain open all weekend! If you're interested please send me a PM for ip/password. There is no fee/cost involved. If...
  7. cheebs

    Alternatives to the dish

    I've been reading that Japanese and Korean DBS providers have begun rolling out very small, flat panel, phased array receiving antennae for fixed and mobile applications. It would seem that this type of active antenna would have several advantages, not the smallest of which would be the...
  8. cheebs

    Help with a 3-sat MDU install

    This is for a multiple cascaded 22khz multiswitch system. I'd like to add SatC to the system. At present, the system consists of 8 cascaded 22khz multiswitches, connected to 101 and 119. I've addded SatC combiners to single-family home installs before, but never to a cascaded MDU system...
  9. cheebs

    ABC HD w/ no sound?

    I'd like to know if it's only my setup or it's a general thing, before I go and tear anything apart.
  10. cheebs

    I need some assistance with an apartment building Sirius install

    Let me paint it as clearly as possible: I live on the 12th floor of a 15-story condominium. The DBS dish is located on the roof, as is the headend equipment. (LNB power supplies, amplifiers and a UPS) I have a 4-port multiswitch on my floor. There is one cascaded multiswitch above me (on...
  11. cheebs

    D* Single-wire Solution for MDUs

    I've been reading about this, but couldn't find any concrete data. Is it similar to the E* LNB stacking? I've seen some stuff from Foxcom that uses fiber trunks and coax home-runs, but not anything directly from D*. Any of you professional installers out there familiar with this?
  12. cheebs

    SC down South...way south!

    For some time now I've been curious about SC. I'm down in Guatemala and before Anik F1R went into service, it was pretty easy to pull F1 in down here. Since then I haven't been able to experiment, and from reading all the posts, there seems to be little hope of getting that bird down here...
  13. cheebs

    Card Slot(s) on newer FTA receivers

    Cruising the FTA sites, I've seen several newer receivers with one or more card slots. What can these be used for? Are any programming providers supporting these receivers? Also, I noticed while viewing the different sats on lyngsat, that alongside the FTA signals, there is a lot of...