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    Need help to reduce my bill...

    I am getting divorced and don't want to pay $100/month for two people to watch tv (plus I don't need two 622's for two people). Here is my present bill: America's Top 250 69.99 HD/SD (2TV) DVR Receiver 17.00 DVR Service 6.00 HD 250 Free ($10/Mo) 0.00 .................... Total $...
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    Dish iPad Application is Available

    I downloaded it a few minutes before I went to work so I didn't get much time to play with it but I did use it to control my 622 which freaked out my ten year old daughter - "Mom, the tv is haunted." It looks very similar to the old portal but there are some extra features such...
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    NHL Center Ice - HD Playoffs (rant)

    Come on Dish! There are only four games on tonight and only two are on Center Ice. Why do you have to show three different versions of Colorado vs. San Jose and NO HD broadcasts of the Philly vs. NJ game?
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    NHL Center Ice - I now get my 'in region' games (?)

    Until the Olympics I couldn't watch any Phoenix Coyotes games on Center Ice (due to the fact that I 'live' in Salt Lake City) and after the Olympics and that last free preview I can now watch home and away Coyotes games. Did the NHL change their policy on in region games? Or did they change...
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    NHL Center Ice - HD Broadcasts from Canada on US sports networks

    I am watching the Avalanche at Ottawa on Altitude from NHL Center Ice and it looks like crap. In fact, all of the HD broadcasts originating from Canada this year have looked like crap on Altitude. Is it like this for the other US sports networks broadcasts on NHL CI? How about on Direct TV or...
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    where should I move my Dish that is pointed at 148?

    I have three dishes (110/119, 129, 148) and now that 148 is seemingly dead (?) is there any benefit in hitting another satellite with it? I can go through the charts and see (and I will) but there is a good chance that I will miss anything that I might want or need. I know that a long...
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    NHL Center Ice - auto-renewal or not?

    I did an online Dish tech support chat thing today to get rid of NHL Center Ice (just in case I decide not to get it this year) and I was told that it is not auto-renewing and that I don't have to worry about it? Is this true?
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    Is it possible to lease THREE dual tuner HD-DVR's?

    I know that Dish claims to have a four tuner limit but I think I read in these forums that some have been successful getting a third two tuner HD DVR. I have two 622's now and am out of contract so I was hoping to score the new dual tuner receiver when it is released. I want to add a third...
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    Problems with both my 622's and external hard drives

    I had/have a problem with my two 622's and was wondering if anyone else had this problem - we woke up the other day to find one of them completely shut off and when we powered it back on all of my favorite lists were still present but all of the channels were checked. Additionally my parental...
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    TBS-HD (and TNT-HD I guess) - is ANYTHING in OAR?

    I never really watched anything on TBS anyway so it isn't that big of a deal but the other day it started recording the baseball game a few hours early so I got to preview stretch-o-vision crappy sitcom reruns on TBS. On both of my HDTV's I cannot squeeze stretch-o-vision back to normal but I...
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    I tried moving my external storage drive four times today and it doesn't work

    I know that some were talking about doing this but I never saw anyone post about it and I tried searching (so go ahead and flame away if you must if I have duplicated a topic). I got a good deal on a 320 gig HD this week and it is my second drive so I copied a few shows to it and tried moving...
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    is there a list of local HD networks NOT on spotbeams?

    I moved to Denver this weekend to get CBS and FOX in HD. I get all of the networks from there except PBS and the independents that are on spotbeams. I don't think that I will switch again because I wanted to keep the Denver sports teams but I was wondering if there are other local network HD...
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    VIP-622 - is ethernet port working yet?

    (I have tried searching the forums but ethernet is a popular word!) I have recently upgraded to a second HDTV and moved my 'good' tv to the basement. The 'good' tv is hooked up to a 942 and the new tv is hooked up to a 622. I would like to upgrade the 942 and will probably do so eventually...
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    Google & Dish Network in Video Advertising Deal?

    Just found this interesting tidbit on digg (, here is the actual link to the story: Not much there but it leaves room for speculation I guess.
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    how to disassemble VIP-622 remote?

    I can only find one screw on the bottom of this thing. I want to take it apart because there are two sticky buttons and I want to clean them. Thanks.
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    new to fta - usb or pci? which would you buy

    I can't seem to find much to tell me which would be a better choice so I thought that I would ask here. Are there any advantages to buying one over the other? Also, I have three dish 500's now (the installer put one on each HD satellite for some reason). Can I just hook up a motor to one...
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    HDTV locals on satellite - a horrible mistake?

    I subbed to Direct TV when it first started (or at least shortly after, I think I got on after they went to MPEG 2) and they had a great looking picture. As they added more and more channels there was a noticable and drastic reduction in quality. Adding local networks was the final straw for...