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    Watertown, NY

    Moved from Choctaw, OK to just North of Watertown. What satellite do I aim at, and peak at (previously 119). Transponder numbers? Got my angles from Dish pointer. Is it still 110, 119, and 129? Thanks.
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    Hopper Conection Without Joey

    I wish to connect a Hopper without a Joey until I can instal the cable to the back room for the Joey. Is this as easy as disconnecting a 722, and attaching the same coax to the Hopper without going through a Node? Or run the standard two coax into the Node and one out to the Hopper?
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    Another moving locals

    I need some help here. I move north from San Antonio for five months. In the new location, my 1000.2 cannot receive 110 because of the building I am in. The Seattle locals appear to be on 110. The info below shows some locals on 119. Sat Maps: 60 - 119...
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    Temp Move TX to WA

    I have been a Dish customer for 10 years. Currently have a 722 with 1000.2 dish. Subscribe to America Everything pkge with locals and gold HD ($117.98 incl TV2 receiver conection). Will be moving from San Antonio, TX 78216 to slightly north of Oroville, WA 98844 for 6 months. This 'rotation"...
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    ViP 722 set Up Message 587 DishCOMM

    I am setting up the receiver (the only receiver I have). I am not going to plug a phone in. It is stuck on message 587; "To continue please connect Broadband or an operational phone line to the receiver and press TEST. To set up DishCOMM network, press DishCOMM." It is frozen at this point. I...