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    Roku 3 won't restart

    Is anyone else having trouble with their Roku? My wife was having issue with Netflix so she unplugged the Roku to reset it. Now it is stuck at the dancing Roku logo. The Roku is dancing but not moving beyond that point.
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    Where is my Plex Queue?

    I had a roku 2. On my computer I could click on "plex it" on a webpage with a video. This would capture the video and I could then watch it on my roku 2 by finding it in my queue. I upgraded to a roku3. Where is my queue? I don't see it. I don't see a video after I capture it.
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    Roku 3 audio deep or high pitched

    The audio on my roku3 sometimes is deeper or higher pitched than it should be. Unplugging it to restart it usually works but doing that is a pain in the butt.
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    Chrome OS to replace XP on an old machine?

    I know some people are buying new chromebooks. With the end of support of XP can the chrome OS be installed on these old machines that were running xp? I know some of you would lean me toward linux but I don't see people buying linux computers for home use. I do see them buying chromebooks.
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    Essential Computer Repair Tools?

    Imagine you have the opportunity to start a computer repair, refurbishing and recycling company that has a seemingly endless flow of donated used computers of various ages and working condition. You are given a budget to equip it but you don't know how much that budget will be. It will include...
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    Fastest Hard Drive Wipe?

    What is the fastest method of securely wiping a hard drive that leaves the hard drive in a re-usable state when you are done that is cost effective? I'm looking for a solution that meets all of these criteria: Fast, secure, non-destructive, and relatively inexpensive. Ideally it would also...
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    Viruses/Recovery Partition

    Most computers have a recovery partition on the hard drive. Let's say I want to wipe most of the drive but save the recovery partition. What is the chance the recovery partition could be infected with some sort of virus?
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    Plex/Roku ABC?

    Can you stream ABC or ABC family shows on a roku with plex? I have found nbc, cbs and cw channels, but not abc. Am I missing any other major networks available with plex that have full episodes?
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    plex and a roku

    What's the scoop with plex and the roku? I installed it on my computer and on the roku then installed a few channels, supported and not supported. Is this a trial? Will I have to pay fo the roku plex channel after a certain amount of time? Is there any way to get the roku working better with...
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    Roku 2xd $35 at woot again has the roku for $35 as its daily deal today.
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    Roku 2 XD $35 NOW! Its a woot off, meaning this deal is only good until they sell out. Go! Go! Go!
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    Roku model naming

    Interesting. Roku's site used to list the different models such as LT, XD, XS. It now lists them as LT, Roku 1, 2, and 3. Then there's the roku stick. The Roku 2 on the Roku site has a remote with headphone jack but is not a motion controller for angry birds. In other words the old...
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    Vista w/OfrFrm

    I just bought a used zotac mini pc. The hard drive has been wiped. It has a Windows Vista Home Premium w/OfrFrm OEM software sticker on the side. I'd never seen one. Aparently this would allow the person who bought it to upgrade for free to Windows 7. As you'd imagine, I'd like to install...
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    Windows xp update failed

    I just reinstalled XP sp3 on an old laptop. I installed IE8. Windows update isn't working. Is this the beginning of the end? I'm in the middle googling the problem and trying various things. Nothing's worked yet. There is a lot of bs advice around this.:mad:
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    Lenovo handheld mouse/keyboard

    There are many different ways to skin a cat but if you want to watch videos from your laptop on your tv and control it from your chair, this is the easiest. Hook your laptop to your tv with a vga + sound cable or an hdmi and kick back with this little wireless keyboard/mouse that fits in your...
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    Microsoft Refurbisher

    Are any of you Microsoft Refurbishers? What advantages are there to joining? What is the pricing for software once you've joined and how is it packaged? (For example, do you have to buy a dozen citizenship licenses at a time?)
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    Screaming brand new capacitor.

    I'm working on an lcd tv. There was one visibly bulging capacitor on the power supply board. I replaced it and the tv powered on but there is a high pitched screech coming from the replaced capacitor. I replaced it with another cap, and then another cap with exactly the same result. Any idea...
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    Buy Windows 7?

    Any suggestions on the least expensive way to LEGALLY obtain Windows 7, regular or upgrade.
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    Windows 8.1 upgrade, your antivirus vs Defender

    I upgraded to windows 8.1. I got an error message today. Something about avast not starting and defender taking over. After some research I found out that Windows 8 comes with Defender. Windows 8 defender is not just for malware, it is also an antivirus. When you install an antivirus...
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    iphone/iphod touch xbmc?

    Has anyone tried xbmc run from their iphone or ipod touch? I'm not talking about using the phone as a remote control, I'm talking about the iphone taking the place of an apple tv as the brains running xbmc.