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    I want an Ipad2 because my Daughter Loves to read and the Ipad is much better than a kindle or a nook
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    How often do you view the SatelliteGuys forums?

    When i Still had Dish I checked in 8-12 times a day but now since i went to OTA With Tivo i only visit 2-3 times a day.
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    Enter To Win a BOXEE BOX by DLINK!

    Wishing you and yours. A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
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    SECURESPOT Internet filter Down

    Are Bsecure and sucurespot the same company? I've used Bsecure and have nothing but good thing to say about them.
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    Prime Time Forum Makeover

    Yea Really. I know the Chuck comes on NBC but ABC and CBS I really don't know. For example Dancing with the stars i have no ides what channel that's on. or NCIS Just don't really care it's in my DVR List and that's where I watch it from. I just checked and Dancing is on ABC but still not sure if...
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    Prime Time Forum Makeover

    No it's not really that much trouble to Click on each of the four networks but I won't be scrolling thru all four networks to find where my show is in the hodge-podge list. I'll just forgo the passing of information. Thanks.
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    Prime Time Forum Makeover

    Well I just went to post about the Season Premier of Chuck and Couldn't Find it. I don't like the new setup. (I also keep up with Big Bang Theory here) to be honest I'me not really sure what network some shows are on. I liked it better with each show having it's own forum (make them a sub of...
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    About last night...

    The reasons I went with tivo were: Connectibility between each box (one for each room), The ability to stream straight from Netflix to the tivo box, and the availability to record two OTA shows at the same time. (This was the closest i could come to the 622/722 with having to pay dish for the...
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    About last night...

    I'm intrested in how this is working out. I'm stongly considering (even enough to have already bought a Tivo) droping Dish and going Netflix and OTA only. I've had the Tivo Connected to the OTA for just 4 days and have plenty to watch. havent signed up for NetFlix yet tho. The fees for four...
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    7/28/2010 3:26pm - Uplink Activity Report - 74 changes

    Yet another week without Shreveport, La Locals in HD.
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    7/21/2010 3:26pm - Uplink Activity Report - 23 changes

    ME Too! An OTA DVR and a netfilix Streaming Roku Box is sounding good at this point.
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    SatGuys Gear

    I Like the second one better.
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    SatGuys Gear

    I like this but it just needs somemore colors what if u change the blue to Royal blue and the inside of the letters to red with stars in it like the flag? Just my opinion
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    SatGuys Gear

    i'd probably go for a polo or two(if there's more than one color) and a t-shirt for me and maybe the kids can each have 1 (2 total)
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    New day and time for BBT this fall

    I think this could be good for Chuck. Hopefully BBT Viewers will take a look at chuck and the ratings will increase.
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    Chuck Versus the Ratings

    Chuck's still flat but who cares it's already been renewed this season. Show's 8-49 Rating/Share Viewers (Millons) Week 1 - 2.6/7 7.32 Week 2 - 2.5/6 6.66 Week 3 - 2.5/6 6.94 Week 4 - 2.4/6 6.72 Week 5 - 2.2/6 6.61 Week 6 - 2.4/6 6.70 Week 7 - 2.3/6 6.31 Week 8 - 1.9/6 5.78...
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    Rumor: Chuck - 13 Episode Renewal

    Rumor Confirmed: Chuck will be back in the fall. Source
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    Rumor: Chuck - 13 Episode Renewal

    Here's another: Source:Scoop: I spy a 'Chuck' pickup! | Ausiello |
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    Rumor: Chuck - 13 Episode Renewal

    Here's a Churck Renewal Rumor: Source