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    Redoing roof in near future. Who’s responsible for DirecTV dish?

    Hello. I’m just beginning the process of getting some quotes from local roofing companies to redo my entire roof. My homeowners insurance company gave us a check for the majority of this due to hail damage. Because so many homes in my neighborhood have had hail claims, it may be a few weeks...
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    Attic antenna suggestion for Directv LCC

    Due to the CBS dispute I received a free DirecTV LCC. It came with the Winegard amplified flatwave antenna. I currently mounted this right at my gable vent, which is just vinyl material with an integrated bug screen. This side of the house faces east towards Philadelphia, however I have a few...
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    Why does music go out before HD on our commercial Dish system at work

    Hello, At work we have a Dish Network system that feeds two commercial receivers. One is tube to audio only and we are actually billed through mood music for it. The other one supplies CNN HD for news and Nick for kids. When we get heavy rain, the music goes out first, but oddly the HD TV...
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    Is there any way to make an HR24-200 faster?

    I have an HR44 and HR24. Obviously the 44 is fairly responsive. However the 24 has gotten very slow over the years. I replaced the hard drive twice, and infact now it has a laptop size drive in it because its all I had laying around that would fit. Using it is so frustrating. A channel...
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    Keeping Dish receiver on in commercial setting

    We have a location that has a business Dish account and the problem they are having is that the location manager is having to go into the IT server room and turn on the Dish Network box every morning. There for a number of years they didn't have to do this (they did when the building first...
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    Mobile apps not always updating.

    Hello all. I have both Tapatalk and the satellite guys reader app installed on my iPhone 7+. I have instances where in Tapatalk I have a notice that there is a reply to a subscribed thread but when I go to that thread it's not updated at all. Then today I have been getting multiple push...
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    My Tapatalk is stuck on "participated" when I enter this forum. By stuck I mean it never loads and I cannot select any other option like subscribed for instance. I can still use the site by clicking on the top center and getting a drop down list of all the forums. I just have to remember...
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    Can you sync the new msg flags with tapatalk?

    I've notice in the top right the flag will show a designator with a number of new posts on recent threads participated in. I will go in them and read the new posts and its like, Hey - I read these before, why is this forum still marking these as new. Then it dawned on me... I read them before...
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    Cloth covering on certain dishes at this CATV site?

    What are these what looks like black sheets stretched across every other dish at this cable company signal ingest site? Does it affect signal at all? Why do only some have them?
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    Birdies / harmonics and combining RTL SDR device

    This is a 3 part post (rather than 3 separate posts). Birdies Do you encounter a lot of signal birdies? For example off the top of my head at exactly 144.0000 MHz, there appears to be a very strong birdie. Huge signal peak but the audio is nothing. It opens squelch to silent audio. There's...
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    Keep receivers on 24/7 for commercial acct

    We have 3 dish receivers on a commercial account. One is for building music, one is for news and one is for kids programming. Every morning the building manager who opens for the day has to go back to our IT room and use each labeled remote to power one each receiver. I thought I fixed this...
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    NFL at no extra charge

    What is this NFL Sunday ticket at no extra charge nonsense that I see advertised on TV all the time? No extra change my a$$, I tried tuning the NFL channels and it gives me the call click or text order screen. What's the catch here? Posted via Topify using iPhone/iPad
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    My issue replying to threads

    Sometimes when I go to reply to a thread, I hit reply with quote on a post I want to refer to. So the browser positions me into the box to type and plasters the quote code in there. Great! I type my response, sometimes its long sometimes not... and than what is my first reflex to do? Hit the...
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    Dish 500, old 2800 commercial receiver for Muzak - transponder issues

    Our business has a dish 500 with a single cable run to a 2800 commercial receiver, which is pretty old, or at least the menu's and stuff look pretty old. This is for a "muzak" subscription for commercial business. The issue is that many transponders do not have signal at all off of 119 W...
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    Constant page refreshing in Firefox

    I use Firefox 7 and in the tabs at the top I always notice that SatelliteGuys is the ONLY website that looks like it is periodically refreshing. The title changes to "Connecting" and the favicon changes to a circular animation for a few seconds and then it goes back to the Satguys favicon and...
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    Suspend 1 receiever

    Can you suspend an owned receiver and activate it months later without having to buy a new access card?
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    Colors in dish guide

    I'm at my moms house and they have dish DVR (722 I think). When I bring up the guide it's at "my channels", but if I push it again it goes "my hd channels" then "all channels". When displaying all channels what is the difference between a channel that is red in the left hand side and a channel...
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    Options to add a new receiver

    I have a SWM setup and one HR24-200 and one H24-200. I have the multiroom DVR service. I would like to add another TV. There are plenty of ports on the green splitter (8 ports), and I tried my H24-200 in different rooms just to make sure they work (they do). The extra TV I'm hooking up...
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    Where is User CP?

    Where is the User CP option (or equivalent)? Am I blind? I don't see where I can quickly go to see updated subscribed threads.
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    Question on Undercover Boss

    This week the CEO of DirecTV will be on Undercover Boss. We have higher priority programs recording at that time, so I will miss it. Question is, will this episode be available for download on VOD? After all it is DirecTV's CEO! If not, will CBS air it online? My last resort is bit torrent.