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    Going "GREEN" with a FTA system and saving "GREEN"

    I was thinking of putting up a clothes line to reduce my electric bill since an electric clothes dryer uses about 5kw/hr which in this part of the country costs near a $1 to run. I had an old flag pole that I was not using anymore so I thought, why not use the back side of my pole that the 90cm...
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    Geosatpro C2 LNBF, quality of signal lower?

    I just changed the LNB on my 10' from a Cal Amp to the C2 and have noticed that I lost some quality of signal, from 95 to 81/84 on AMC 11. Is this normal or have I not adjusted it correctly? Have others lost quality when changing from a LNB to this LNBF?
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    Tele satellite new issue

    TELE-satellite International Magazine Index: Download:
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    Are you looking for a Twinhan 1020A? Look Here

    Saw this, kinda guessing that it is a 1020A since one of the pictures show it as such. You might want to email them to verify this, but at $41.29 for one and 3 or more is $39.59 ea. DealExtreme: $41.29 TV-S03 PC DVB-S Digital Satellite TV Tuner PCI Card (950MHz~2150MHz) I saw this deal and...
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    Review: Popcorn Hour A-100 Mediaplayer as a Streaming device

    This is a review of the Popcorn Hour A-100 (Welcome To Popcorn Hour ), but only as a playback device for streaming of a satellite signal from a DVB card via HTTP. If you want more information in regards to what else it can do, there are many other reviews on the web to read, just do a Google...
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    C-Band LNB's, loss of quality

    Yesterday I changed my old Mini-Mag part# 140011 to a Calamp 140194 which has a lower noise rating but a slightly lower gain. But the 140194 is a Extended C-band PLL LNB, only thing is that I actually lost 8 points on my quality meter on my DSR-922 receiver. Some of this may have to do with...
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    SV-8000HD now supported with Channel Master

    Version 1.19 was released today with support of the SonicView SV-8000HD and works fantastic! SharpC Discussion Forum
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    Review: Sadoun PowerTech DG380

    I purchased the Sadoun Powertech HH Mount Motor DG380 DG-380 DiSEqC 1.2 CompatiblePowerTech DG380 from Sadoun on 3/25 and it arrived in 3 days, packed well and arrived without any damage. It is very similar to the SG2100 but with a few differences, mainly a larger Tube to handle a bigger dish...
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    SG2100 only moves when on H Transponder

    SG2100 only moves when on H Transponder(SOLVED!) I have been having problems with my SG2100 but finally narrowed it down to that it will not move reliably unless I am on a Horizontal Transponder. I even tried a different receiver and it acts the same way. Is this a problem with the SG2100...
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    2nd motorized setup, different LOS

    I wanted to add a 2nd motorized dish to my little dish farm but the problem is usually that from my location, most HH motors cannot go from 12.5w to 148w but limit to around 135w. So, I was wondering if you could set up a motor so that you could go from maybe 72w to 148w? USALS? Disecq 1.2...
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    TSreader, updated to 2.8 build 46b

    This if for TSReader and I am not sure if the "lite" version was updated. TSReader Update & Support Portal
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    New Firmware for Sonicview SV-8000HD

    Sonicview So far, it is not bad and seemed to fix many problems that plagued the receiver since it was released. The only bug that I have found so far is the inability to use the EPG to record programs (even the EPG that does populate from the ATSC tuner for OTA HD channels). I think they...
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    DSR-922 with Ku LNBF, Horiz only

    I have a Cband and Ku Linear LNB on my BUD, but I would like to use my QPH-031 instead of my linear one that is being controlled by the polorator(better signal). I changed the settings on the setup menu to both being an LNBF, but only got nothing, changed settings back to LNB and only get HOR...
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    Deinterlacing 4:2:2 video, what to use

    Being able to receive a 4:2:2 signal is one thng, but to deinterlace it properly so that it looks gorgeous is another. The unfortunate thing is that while recording a file with TSRreader, I have not found any player other then VideoLan can play back a file because of the state it is in (being...
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    Sonicview 8000 HD scan

    I'll do a comparison on G16 between the Sonicview 8k and Coolsat 5k this weekend and report back.
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    Look at what I woke up to...

    My neighbor finally got around to hiring a company to trim his trees, which is in my Due West direction (135W to 139W), so it looks like I do not have to worry about his trees interfering with my BUD. I am on a 10' pole already, so I really did not want to go higher. I got to go over to his...
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    AltDVB and no lock with Cband

    I am using a Twinhan 1020A (tried both BDA drivers and WDM) and I have no problems using TSreader, DVBDream and MyTheatre on AnikF2 (cband) but no matter what I try, I cannot get AltDVB to lock on the same frequency/SR that all those 3 can lock on to, what is up with this? No Diseqc being used...
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    New Blindscan capable PCI card?

    I have not been able to find it in the US, but it seems like a new card is out that is capable of blindscan, hopefully it shows up soon.
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    Cband interference with 90cm and 1M

    Recently I noticed that if my BUD was in a certain position with the Cband LNB attached, I would get lower signal levels on both my 1m Winegard and 90cm Geosatpro. If I remove the coax from my Motorola 922(cband only coax), the signal jumps back up where it belongs. I mean, not just a little...
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    Programming new sat on Coolsat 5000

    I am trying to add a new sat to my Coolsat 5000 (SBS6 @ 74W) and everytime I change the setting from 74 "E" to "W", it changes back to "E" by itself. Any hints on how to do this? Thanks, Jim