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    Should at&t sell DIRECT?

    Does AT&T Even Need DirecTV? Seems like a good argument.
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    Because I have Directv AT&T gave me unlimited data

    I have Uverse dsl internet service with AT&T and the other day they changed my plan from 1000GB to unlimited data because I have Directv satellite service, that was unsolicited and surprised me. Did anyone here got the same? There was a e mail from AT&T that I deleted by mistake without reading...
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    OLED and burn in

    Thinking about getting a OLED tv in the future, does it sufer from burn in like Plasma?
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    When we will see Bein n in HD?

    With Copa America coming up in a few days the Spanish channel should be added in HD. I'm sure different games are going to be on the English channel.
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    Sling speed

    I get 3.7 mbps on HD channels and only 2 mbps on SD channels, is this normal speed for this service? SD channels at that speed are bad for fast moving sports.
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    Can 2 Hoppers see each other?

    If I have one in the family room and one in the bedroom can I review recordings and watch recordings made on both? Is it possible to set manual timers like on the old receivers, by time without the use of the guide?
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    New customer, 2 hoppers how much extra cost?

    I can see the cost of programing on the dish website, my question is what extra costs will be showing on my bill every month for 2 Hoppers? HD, DVR, second receiver, whole-home, taxes (California) etc.
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    Hopper manual timer

    Will the hopper ever have manual timer programming capabilities? Some international program times are very unreliable.
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    What equipment I will need in Fresno,Ca

    Now that I'm working again I'm hopping to get back to Dish Network that I was forced to cancel back on Oct 2011. I have moved to Fresno. This won't happen till I know if they will have the 2 Bein Sports channels. What dish, switch, etc would I need if I order 2 Hoppers and a Joey? DSL is hard...
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    Signal going in and out S.F. Bay Area

    Anybody else with this problem? Satellite 119 local signal flashes, normal picture, aquiring satellite sinal and a notice not to call because they are working on the problem and to switch to the national channels.
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    Bad credit, international package

    Can someone with bad credit qualify as new customer? interested in international package only.
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    vacation home

    I have a second home where a spend weekends, vacation and holidays, fixing it up for retirement home in a few years. Can I legally have a receiver there full time and watch the same programing as my main house under the same account? I understand some programing won't be available because of...
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    Is 61.5 off the air?

    All the channels are off the air for me here in the west coast. Anyone else with the problem?
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    622 How to delete schedule history

    I want to delete some schedule history. How do I do it?
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    Separator and SW64 switch

    Will the separator that comes with the 622 receiver work with the SW64 switch? I have a 622, 811 and 311 would like to add one other receiver without having the cost of new switches and LNB'S
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    Nework for sale

    Network for sale If Televisa can't buy them then how come Azteca can own Azteca America?
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    Azteca America National feed in S. F. Bay Area

    Why is channel 42 concord being replaced by the Azteca America National feed in the S. F. Bay Area? Not a complaint because channel 42 P.Q. sucks, just curious.
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    KNTV 11 HD San Jose, Ca. off air?

    Can someone in the S.F. Bay Area confirm if KNTV HD NBC channel is on? All I get is a black screen.
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    There should be capacity for all of Voom 21

    If Dish is leasing the Rainbow satellite and buying the 10 Voom channels why not all of them? Can't be a capacity issue because Voom used the same satellite for all their channels. What gives?
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    How to receive 105, 110, 119, 121, 148, with 6 receivers?

    How to get E* satellites 105, 110, 119, 121 and 148? what switch for 6 receivers, and which receivers will work?