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    Rumor: Chuck - 13 Episode Renewal

    Here's a Churck Renewal Rumor: Source
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    Chuck Versus the Honeymooners

    I watched Chuck with a very short "tape delay" tonight. I LOVED IT. I loved Jeffster "Unplugged". I loved Morgan and Casey. I loved the opening sequence and I loved the outfit that Sarah had on for a lot of the show. That's All I'll say it for now. I hope the ratings go up for...
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    Chuck vs the American Hero (March 29)

    I just got finished watching this weeks Chuck I Loved it!!! See Below: Tell Me what you think!!! :D
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    Can I watch DirectTV via the web?

    I'm the Tech Guy at Church and a Dish (ie not directv) Guy. The Youth Director/Minister is telling me that he can call Direct TV and they will give him a code and he can watch the Superbowl on a computer in HD (for free or less than $5) . I really seriously doubt he is correct but want to...
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    Chuck Versus the Ratings

    The initial results are in for the first regular episode (Mondays @ 8) Here’s what NBC PR had to say about Chuck: Source
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    Howard's new gal

    What do you think they will do with Howard's new gal? I don't think it will last long but they could use her to add a geeky gal to the storyline and make Penny jealous. What do you think? :confused:
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    Should I get an Iphone?

    I still have my Mogul from Sprint and the Sero plan but my area only has 1x data service (no evdo). I've noticed that everyone(IT) with my company is getting Company phones and have had them for a while. I've always kept my own personal phone and plan because I like gadgets and didn't think that...
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    Google OS - What do you think?

    Google is working on an OS based off of the Chrome Browser. Do you think it will be any good? (I use Chrome and prefer it over IE). Source: Google's new operating system to take on Microsoft - Yahoo! Finance
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    Big Bang Thursday Night Re-run

    Tonight (6/4/09) 8:00-8:30 ET/PT Season 2: Episode 15: The Maternal Capacitance Leonard’s mother (played by Christine Baranski), a brilliant neuroscientist who has no concept of appropriate human interaction or warmth, comes for a visit. During her stay, she manages to alienate and cause...
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    Is Chuck Renewed?

    For a realtime update from Matt Barber, one of the editors on Chuck check out
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    Ratings for the Chuck Season Finale

    Ratings for the Chuck Season Finale: Source: TV by The Numbers Now How do I read this? On Edit: I did some more poking around at TvBytheNumbers.Com and found out the the 8:00 & 8:30 are times(I guess in Eastern and Pacific) and 18-49 & 18-34 are age groups the Rating is Percentage of...
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    Chuck Video Clips

    I found this clip on the NBC Site (it's all Sarah) Chuck - Sarah Sizzles - Video - Sorry I wanted to embed it but not sure how to do that.
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    What did you think about this week's Chuck?

    Since this is going to be the best Chuck forum on the net shouldn't we have a discussion thread about this week's Chuck? I just finished watching Chuck and wondered what you think. I think I could have Killed Morgan for Chuck when Chuck found Morgan's IOU :D :D
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    What's gonna Happen This Week?

    The previews that I've seen since last week show Chuck & Sarah making out on his bed. Do you think they're gonna hook up or just more of the same to keep us coming back for more. P.S. how many episodes are left in the season?
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    Where can I fiind Webisodes?

    I've look on the Networks website and a few other places, but i can't find past episodes. please post links for those of us that have only been watching for a little while. thanks in advance
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    HP Smartmedia Server/ Windows Home Server

    I just got a HP Smartmedia Server (Windows Home Server) for the church as a backup solution and it's just cool. I'm thinking about getting one for my home network just for the remote web access. Does any have one of these and what all are you using it for? What addin's are you using...
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    Monday's Blog Entry

    Scott Where's your Blog From Monday? Looked for it yesterday but couldn't Find it.
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    Shortcut to new Posts

    Is there a way to go directly to the first new post from the Forum View without going into the first page then clicking "View First Unread"? Just trying to lessen my "Clicks".
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    What's this in the 622 menu??

    I just got my free upgrade to a VIP622 yesterday and have been poking around in the menus I still can't find what I was looking for but found something interesting. in running L405 software from the main menu 8 (preferences) 6 (record plus) ERD Setup (on the side) this brings up...
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    Question about a 622

    I just bit on the free upgrade to a 622 from my 942 I just have one question. Are both tv1 & tv2 modulated out of the home ditribution co-ax? If so, does this mean I can watch tv1 on channel 60 and TV2 on channel 65? thanks, cegarrett