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  1. titanman100

    NFL Sunday ticket issues

    Anyone else having problems with Sunday ticket. Every game is saying I need to purchase. I can see the game but only top half. Red zone is working.
  2. titanman100

    Manually tune sub channel with a hr20

    Channel 36.2 retro tv has come available in my area and when I do a scan for off air channels on my hr20 it does not come up. I know that direct tv needs to add this station but that can take months or years. Is there a way to manually tune in this station.
  3. titanman100

    On demand vs. Netflix

    I have 1.5 dsl and realize that is not the ideal speed for on demand, but is the best I can do. Deca is installed at my house and I have a xbox 360 that is hooked up wireless. My problem is when I watch a netflix movie I can begin watching within 5 min. Without any interruption. When I use on...
  4. titanman100

    DECA to xbox 360

    My Xbox 360 is next to my receiver and was wondering if you could hook up the DECA to the xbox. I use wireless for the xbox but it has lag time every so often
  5. titanman100

    Free HD for Life New Customer Promo starting 6/5

    Just saw a commercial from Dish that they are offering free HD. Will Direct tv follow suit? Would be nice. Alot of cable companies offer free HD.
  6. titanman100

    Using on demand with a h24

    I just had MRV put in today, I have 4 hddvr's and a h24 hooked up to the internet using DECA. My question is can I use on demand with the h24 and have it download to one of my DVR's. I am able to record from the h24 and just choose what dvr I want it to record too, so why can I not do that with...
  7. titanman100

    Question about Distant networks

    I have had DNS from direct tv for about 14 years and love it. Last november my locals were made available but I chose not to add them on. This morning I discovered that they have been turned on without me ever saying anything to Direct tv. I am also still receiving dns channels. I discovered...
  8. titanman100

    antenna distribution amplifier

    I receive all of my digital channels in perfect from my antenna, but once I split it I begin to lose some channels. I have been to Best Buy and Radio shack and tried a couple of there amplifiers but they do not work. Not sure if it was what I should of been using in the first place. Can someone...
  9. titanman100

    Best Antenna

    I just purchased a Clearstream 4 antenna and installed it in my attic and the picture was even worse then the cheap radio shack antenna already up there. I live in a subdivision where antenna's can not be placed on the roofs. I realize that legally they probably do not have a leg to stand on but...
  10. titanman100

    Combining 2 Antennas

    Hello I am new to the ota experince as I have had satellite for years. I would like to get my locals in Hd and have a large antenna in my attic from radio shack. I receive 2 of my locals in HD but there is about 6 more I would like to receive. They are all in the same direction and about 50...
  11. titanman100

    Phone connnection

    I have 5 receivers that are all connected to phone lines. I would like to get rid of my land line and was told by direct tv that I needed to have one of my receivers hooked to a land line since I have 5. This makes no since to me and would like to know if this is true?
  12. titanman100

    remote control

    I have a hr20 700 receiver and a rc34 remote that will not control my receiver anymore. I have reset the receiver and tried the 4 codes 00001 00002 00003 00004 for the remote The remote rc34 will work on my sd receiver is there any other codes i'm missing or any ideas
  13. titanman100

    Weather on the 8's

    Can I go to the sd weather channel directly with having to show sd duplicates on my guide so I can watch the weather on the 8's?
  14. titanman100

    switching input on hr20 700

    I have a hr20 700 and would like to switch the input using the remote, like I was able to do on my old tivo unit. Is this possbile and what button do you use?
  15. titanman100

    DVR service included in the Premier Package

    I noticed on my bill that I have a $5.99 charge for DVR service I know that I used to not get this charge because I had the premier package. I spoke with a rep a D* and was told that DVR service was not included in the premier package. But on there website if you go with the package one less...
  16. titanman100

    Ota channel will not show up on HR20

    My HR20 DVR will not recognize my local Fox channel. If I connect directly to my t.v. I recieve the Fox channel as well as all of the other locals in regards to picture quality. Also on my guide all my locals will show up except for the Fox channel. Does anyone know why Fox will not show up