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    Internet TV - What are my Options?

    I get most of my news, weather, etc. via my PC. But that's requires an active (mouse, keyboard) input. There are times I want passive entertainment, that's where a TV excels. I watch zero serial TV shows, and few movies, just educational programming, news and some NFL when in season. Where I...
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    DVR service fee

    What are the current options to get rid of the dvr service fee? I'm a light TV user with the $20 Welcome Pak and a old DVR that I own. Tried to search on "dvr service fee" in titles, two different errors and I quit. Thanks
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    DVR 612 to 2 HD TVs via an HDMI Switch or Spliter, No Work, Help

    Is there a basic problem running two TVs (only one on at a time) off a 612 HDMI port via either a HDMI splitter or an HDMI switch? Tried a splitter like this: Then tried an HDMI switch like this: This same switch had previously worked fine connecting an Xbox and Bluray to the primary...
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    LNB Power?

    Does anyone know how many watts a typical LNB sucks off the receiver? My "new" 612 DVR sucks 38 watts just plugged in. That's about 25% more than the 512 it replaced and I still haven't added the third LNB for HD.
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    Two 6.4 IR/UHF Remotes, Neither Works with DVR 612, Need Help

    I have Two 6.4 IR/UHF Remotes, Neither Works with DVR 612 in UHF mode. One has a black bottom with UHF molded in, It works as a long range IR remote, but not UHF One has a blue bottom with a "2" in black, it neither works in IR or UHF, but the "SAT" light blinks when I press a button I...
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    USB Out from DVR 512? Off Load Saved Programs?

    When I was on the phone with the Dish tech on Sat, he said i could off load my saved programs on my DVR 512 via a USB HDD. Can I? Once off loaded, can I install those programs on the DVR 625 HDD via its USB port? If yes, what is the process? Thanks
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    Dish DVR 512 to What???

    I have the Dish Welcome Pak and a Dish DVR 512 that is dieing. It randomly goes seeking a satellite signal. Done this a dozen times in the last 2-days. Called Dish TS, he said the HDD is dieing. Dish wants $75 for another old 512 so I figured I'd upgrade. To what??? The Dish tech offered a...
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    DishNet Satellite Broadband - Oct 1st

    Just found this, DishNet Satellite Broadband, starts Oct 1st. $40/mo with a 10GB cap. 5 Mbps Down, 1 Mbps Up. I currently have 0.5 Mbps bi-directional at $30/mo so very attractive especially if the $10 TV discount applies. I've had Dish TV for over a decade.
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    Replace your $1 Million Satellite Truck with a $20K Rig from ViaSat

    This looks cool, I may not be impressed with ViaSat's internet plans, but this rocks. Here the full article: ViaSat SurfBeam 2 Pro Portable
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    Remote Codes - Gone ???

    I did a search on Dish looking for a remote code for a Westinghouse TV. The search linked me to this page. Is this some form of auto code finder? Are the old 3-digit codes no longer used? If so I'm officially an antique. Please explain. Thanks
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    Dual Tuner SD DVR -> Dual Tuner HD DVR?

    I currently have a 512 Dual Tuner SD DVR (installed Aug 2011) and I'm going to need a Dual Tuner HD DVR, what are my options? Will the dish/LNBF upgrades made in Aug need modifications. I looked on and the 722 will work, I only need a single HD feed. Are their older model DT DVR's...
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    Regional Fox Sports Channels - Gone?

    I currently have the most basic Dish package (Essentials, $15/mo) and I'm looking to upgrade to HD. In looking over the channels in even the $100/mo super-duper package, I could find no Regional Fox Sports channels, are they gone from Dish? It used to be Fox Sport Rocky Mtn for my area, FSRM...
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    Avatar 3D $130, Is that typical for 3D?

    I'm considering getting a 3D TV and did a search on Amazon for Avatar 3D. Listed at $130 . . . OUCH!!! What about Netflix, Blockbuster? Is that typical for 3D content? If so, doesn't make sense to me getting a 3D TV. Your thoughts?
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    What DVR Do I Have?

    A week ago I got a letter from Dish saying my DVR 501 was obsolete and needed to be replaced in the next 2-years. Since the 501 had degraded to an absolute POS since the last firmware "upgrade" I decided the sooner the better. I contacted Dish Saturday afternoon to work out the details and...
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    $103 Million to TiVo, Why?

    Just what is the exact infringement by Dish's DVR's against TiVo? Clearly a $103-million judgment is significant. Court orders Dish to pay $103 million to TiVo
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    Negotiating with Dish, Large Savings

    I've been a Dish subscriber for ~10 years, but I watch relatively little TV. Back in August 2008 I switched to the Essentials Pack (aka Welcome Pack) based on advice from this forum. Essentials is 20 channels plus locals and is $14.99/mo. Now that baseball season is here, I wanted to add the...
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    Programming/Equipment Advice, Please

    I live in an area where satellite is the only practical option and I watch very little, but not zero, TV. I'm hoping that someone who understands the satellite landscape, both programming and equipment could direct me to the most cost effective option(s). My current equipment: 36" CRT SD TV...
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    501 Died, Replaced for $14.95

    My 5+ YO DVR 501 died on Sunday, 3-30-08, and Dish TS replaced it for $14.95 S&H. Bit surprised at the cost. The failure mode is that it kept rebooting when turned on. It has an inline power switch disconnecting it from the wall. It would start the acquiring satellites: 1 of 5, 2 of 5, and at...
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    DVR 501, Record Off the Air?

    I have the original Dish recorder, 40 hour capacity. Will it record from an Off the Air Antenna? I watch so little TV and Dish keeps raising the rates I'm inclined to just pull the plug on Dish. Any thoughts?
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    Better RF Remote

    I have a DVR 501 with a combo RF/IR remote. From 10-20 feet it works very well, at 30 feet more than a little frustrating. The 501 sits at the bottom of a TV cabinet, essentially on the floor. I'd rather not move it, big hassle. So do I need a better remote or can I do something with the...