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    At these prices, yes, the Google Voice Remote Should Be Free

    Credit my wife for catching this mega-typo, check the prices on the DISH promo: All offers require credit qualification, 24-month commitment with early termination fee and eAutoPay. Prices include Hopper Duo for qualifying customers. Hopper, Hopper w/Sling or Hopper 3 $5/mo. more. Upfront fees...
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    caavo control center

    Ended up getting one of these thru Amazon, full package with lifetime subscription. Actually really like it, shifts between the various sources, minimizes the search for the correct remote in the dark. I have DISH, Roku and Apple TV hooked up to it. Has a simplified keypad, which can also be...
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    Those were the days...

    Got my first DISH setup in 1997. No retailers, no online, of course. Lived in southern CA at the time, only retailer was a store that specialized in baseball cards and pre-paid telephone calling cards (no cell phones either!). Went to the store, guy pulled up a large box with the receiver...
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    How long does it take for the EHD to "Spin Up?"

    Thanks to all for the helpful replies. Did get it to come alive, but with mixed results. Some shows never would load, others were fine. No correlation with when they were recorded, or on which prior machine. Some had been done on a 622, some a 722, 722K. Definitely could not get any of the...
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    How long does it take for the EHD to "Spin Up?"

    Called DISH to have the EHD function activated for my HWS, was told "oh, just go ahead and connect the EHD to the receiver, it should show up and be fine." So, did connect an older WD unit, turned on the TV and saw a pop up from DISH notifying me that an external hard drive had been connected...
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    Can I transfer "old" EHD recordings to an H3?

    Great, and thanks to all. I have the same account I have had with DISH since 1994, so that should be good. I just got a bit antsy when I read on their site about the USB 2.0 being a requirement for EHD's to their new boxes. Knew I could count on The Board:bday
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    Can I transfer "old" EHD recordings to an H3?

    Back in the day of the 722, used to archive favorite shows on EHD, ended up with three EHD's worth. Presently I have HWS, and am thinking of upgrading to H3. Never had accessed the EHDs on the HWS, now I wonder if they are "toast," given the requirements for USB 2.0 cables, etc, per the DISH...
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    NFL Network Dispute? -- Resolved

    And, of course DISH will reduce the sports package cost to compensate us for the loss of the NFL channel.......NOT!
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    Universal Sports Network--any successors?

    Thanks for the info. Regrettably, even with "America's Everything Pack," I don't seem to get Universal HD. Are you a DISH subscriber? If so, which package do you get it on? Thanks.
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    Universal Sports Network--any successors?

    Thanks. One can only hope.....
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    Universal Sports Network--any successors?

    I have been hoping some other network (NBCSports, BEin), might step up and fill the void left when USN went dark last November. They broadcast a lot of the cycling events that don't make the cut for NBCSports, so it definitely leaves a big gap in coverage for those of us who enjoy pro road...
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    Netflix on hopper

    I have exactly the same experience. I originally went to Netflix via Channel 473 because it seemed simpler, but it would hang up on loading, or, sometimes when the show was finished, I couldn't get out of the "channel" and back to the DISH guide. I have a Vizio, which includes a button on the...
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    Universal Sports Network to Pull the Plug November 16th

    Bad news for sports fans, USN will go dark the middle of next month, according to VeloNews: image: In the News: Universal Sports will shut down in November By VeloNews.comPublished 3 days ago 622 50 7 0 Sports...
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    Any DIRT members online right now?

    Did not recognize any DIRT member names on the "helpers" list (5/28, 7:20 PM MDT). Thought there was a gentlemen's agreement they would sign in when on duty. Need to follow up on an issue. Thanks
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    2015 Dish Price Increase

    Just got the same message. So, Merry Christmas to you, too, Charlie:eek:
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    MOCA & Hopper Internet Connector

    I'm going to hijack a post from Grandude, posted February 25, 2014, because it is an excellent narrative of one of the nuances of using Powerline adapters. My neighbor has Comcast service, and runs it to a Tivo Roamio Plus. He has the problem of three-story townhouse, cathedral ceilings...