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    Dropping Locals for OTA

    I currently have an OTA module for my Hopper and it is picking up all the local channels I want. If I drop the $12 locals from my Dish service, will the EPG info go away, or will dish still provide the EPG data?
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    OTA Module not working?

    Has anyone’s OTA module quit working today? My Hopper recognizes that there is a OTA module attached, just scans no channels.
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    OTA EPG issues

    So, I bought a better antenna and can now pick up a crap ton of local channels with my Hopper. However, Indy local channels 008-01 and 023-01 don’t have the guide data - they simply state “WISH removed CW8”. Can someone connected to the Dish tech team or the DIRT team pass this along?
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    AEP vs 250 (2020)

    I haven’t seen this recently, and the search option doesn’t work cleanly on my iPhone, so I’ll ask in a new thread... Aside from Showtime and Starz, what channels are in AEP that aren’t in Top 250? It’s a $25 price difference and Showtime and Starz are $10 each... not sure what justifies the...
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    Hopper and OTA EPG question

    I have an OTA tuner for my Hopper. I live in Indianapolis and am about to lose my CBS and FOX. CBS in Indy is Channel 4, but has a repeater on Channel 29. I can only pick up Channel 29 OTA. Is there a way I can (or Dish could) make the Channel 29 OTA info show Channel 4 EPG data? Or can the...
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    Recommendation for an antenna diplexer that will work with Dish OTA module

    So I’ve got two antenna set ups, neither of which get all the channels for Indy. Combine the two and I do get them all. Anyone got a recommendation for an inexpensive diplexer that will help me out?
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    Dish Hopper OTA adapter and Guide info

    So, thanks to my friends at Dish Depot, I have my OTA adapter for my Hopper. Pick up all my Indy locals nicely. However, I’m missing a lot of guide data. Also on the two channels that Dish is having a contract dispute, the guide says XXX has pulled from Dish, on the OTA channel. Shouldn’t...
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    Dish and Indianapolis locals

    Apparently Dish and Circle City Broadcasting can’t come to an agreement and we’ve lost CW8 and MyINDY 23. Which means I’ve lost Indy Eleven broadcast soccer... I’m getting tired of this crap.
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    Hopper and USB Hub???

    Does anyone know if the Hopper will permit use of a USB Hub? I currently have an EHD and a Sling Adapter attached to my Hopper and am interested in the OTA USB Dongle, but the Wife Approval Factor of something sticking out of the front of the Hopper will be EXTREMELY low...
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    Hopper / Sling Adapter / Dish Remote Access

    When I log into DRA, either on my PC using IE, Firefox or Safari or on my iPad (3rd Gen, running iOS 6, WiFi only) or iPhone (iPhone 5 at&t, running iOS 6, WiFi and LTE signals checked), I can only access the recordings on my Hopper and live TV. I cannot see timers, scheduled recordings, etc...
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    Recommended feature for Dish | Sling app

    I have a 64GB iPad (3rd Gen) that is WiFi only. I think it would be a nice feature to be able to transfer data from a DVR with a Sling Adapter to the iPad rather than just streaming from the DVR. I'd like to watch some of the programming at lunch at work, but can't access any WiFi network at...
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    Autism Speaks... It's time to listen.

    About 2 months ago, my 8 year old son was diagnosed with Autism. Since the diagnosis, we've been doing research, getting the best information from a group called Autism Speaks. April 28th is their fundraiser in Indianapolis - Walk Now for Autism Speaks. I need 7 total people to go to the...
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    Dish Remote Access

    I'm hoping that someone from Dish Technical Support or Sling Technical Support reads this. When will the DRA app for iPhone be fixed for iOS5? I am getting sick and tired of not being able to use the Sling Adapter to the fullness of its ability - being only able to watch LiveTV and being...
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    OTA on 722 Receiver - OK Dish, why did you screw it up???

    Okay, I've got 2 722's (NOT k) receivers hooked up to OTA antennas. One is a 60' boom, the other is a micro-multidirectional on the top of my chimney. Last night, the storms rolled through Indianapolis and I lost satellite signal... no big deal... it happens every once in a while - generally...
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    Needed feature for Dish Remote App & Sling Adapter

    With one of the options of the Sling Adapter being mobile watching combined with several networks inconsistency of signal strength, it would be nice if the Dish Remote App would buffer the viewed channel to available space on the phone to prevent breakups in coverage due to signal strength changes.
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    DISH Remote for iPhone & White Screen

    Just saw that v2.3.2 has been uploaded to the iTunes store for download. The sole note for the fix was "Fixes white screen problem on 3G". I'd be interested in finding out if it works for anyone...
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    Dish/LIN OTA EPG Potential Fix

    I just got off the chat with Dish Tech Support regarding the lack of info on the OTA EPG. They said to do a plug-pull/hard reset. Afterwards, go to Point Dish > Check Switch > Test. Then the EPG should be good. I'm not sure that it will work, I haven't tried it yet, since my wife is...
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    Dish|Sling hardware roll-out

    Dish's TV Everywhere Any news on the roll-out of the TV Everywhere Adapter and the HDTV Multi-room extender???
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    Question about Rhapsody

    Anyone ever use and then cancel Rhapsody? I just bought my first mp3 player and it came with a free month of Rhapsody? I thought to download everything I could and then cancel - will cancelling and removing Rhapsody delete the mp3's I downloaded?