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    1080i issue with DVI

    I looked through the threads to see if this was covered, but couldn't find it. My TV supports 1080i rez, but I can only get it using component, but with component, everything in 16:9 has the widescreen format with black bars at top and bottom and 4:3 programming has black bars all around it...
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    My VOOM Install

    Just had it done. Even though I had all wires run already and the multiswitch already installed, it still took about 3 hours to complete. Not complaining though. The installer was as nice as they come and did a clean install of the dish. Had three receivers put in. Out of the three, one...
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    Pay Per View

    I did a search on this and only came up with a thread talking about a fight on Voom PPV, so I figured I would ask. Does Voom have typical PPV channels such as DTV and Dish? I know those two have ~100 channels designated for PPV (even though they don't have programming on them all at all times)...
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    Multiplexor Question

    Hi all. I am getting my Voom installed on Monday the 26th. I have separate lines running already for antenna and satellite. All satellite lines run to grounding block on the side of the house and all antenna lines run to a grounded splitter. My questions is with the new voom dish. I am have...