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  1. K4LK

    C61K with HR54 genie

    Can only record one 4K program at a time. Any way to be able to record more? Thanks Sent from my iPad using the SatelliteGuys app!
  2. K4LK

    I thought all local channels were on spot beams?

    Last weekend I was shown NY locals in an RV parked in a central Florida rest stop. Sent from my iPad using the SatelliteGuys app!
  3. K4LK

    HR-54 receiver & 4k Genie mini client

    How does the genie mini connect to the HR-54? Is the Genie connected to the SWM switch? Will I need to HDMI inputs on my AV receiver? Thanks guys.
  4. K4LK

    Hopper 3 and 2011 Panasonic Plasma TV

    Hi guys, my brother had equipment installed last night. The Hopper refuses to provide 1080p video to the TV no matter what was tried. The TV has the latest firmware. Any ideas? thanks
  5. K4LK

    New install this Friday - quick question

    Hi guys, They are coming with hd DVR, hd receiver and slimline dish. I assume they're installing SWiM. The hd DVR (I assume will be an HR24) does not include an OTA tuner? I spoke to a CSR to request an AM21. She told me that she hasn't had any other requests for one. Apparently most...
  6. K4LK

    622 looks like crap on new 65" plasma

    My DVR is connected to my new Panasonic display using HDMI through my Av receiver. Everything looks stunning except Dish. When set to 1080i the on-screen guide and graphics look awful. Video is reasonable. I set it to 720p. It looks a lot better now. Can't believe that dish does not...
  7. K4LK

    Considering switch from Dish Net

    Sorry if this has been covered before. I have been with Dish since VOOM went dark. Still have a ViP622 DVR. No other receivers. I just got a 65" plasma. Everything looks stunning on it ... except Dish. I have an HDMI connection from it. Can't believe they still don't support 1080p. I...
  8. K4LK

    Adding 118.7

    Hi Guys & Gals, I have a dish 1000 aimed at 119, 110 and 129 and a dish 500 aimed at 72.7. Not sure why because I thought that everything on 72.7 is on 129. I would like to move the dish 500 and aim it at 118.7 for some French channels. Is this possible? Thanks
  9. K4LK

    Almost bought an HD-A1 last night

    I played with it at BB last night. The PQ is stunning. Watched the Samsung Blue Ray setup at CC. The PQ just didn't wow me. More manufacturers and studios are supporting BR but the quality of the initial BR titles are disappointing. I don't know what to do. I'm pissed at this stupid format...
  10. K4LK

    Greek channels on 61.5?

    Howdy y'all According to E* and, Antenna Satellite should be on 605, Mega Cosmos should be on 602 and ERT should be on 603. I'm only seeing Antenna Satellite on 605 in my EPG. I don't subscribe to these channels but are considering it. With a DPP Twin for 119/110 and a...
  11. K4LK

    To those that upgraded to the ViP622

    Did you notice the $299 credit in your account disappear just before your receiver shipped? If so, I can watch my account to see when mine ships. Thanks.
  12. K4LK

    Dish is letting me upgrade twice!

    On January 30, I swapped an 811 for a ViP211 and changed my programming to DishHD Gold on Febuary 1. I have been thinking about the new DVR. The 622 holds 9 days of EPG data and the 211 only 2 days. Reading Scott's review pushed me off the fence. :) I just called to see if they'd upgrade me...
  13. K4LK

    IR-to-UHF Pro upgrade kit with ViP211

    I upgraded my 811 for the ViP211 and gave up 2 usefull features. One being UHF control. I purchased the upgrade kit and can now control the 211 in my rear playroom but the UHF Pro remote that came with the 811 is useless. Apparently they're on different transmit frequencies. The 811 remote...
  14. K4LK

    Post 2/1 HD Channel List

    National HD Channel Lineup 9420 TNT HD 9421 Discovery HD Theater 9422 HD Net 9423 HD Net Movies 9424 ESPN HD 9425 ESPN2 HD 9427 Universal HD 9428 PPV HD 9443 Dish HDTV Demo Channel 9456 HBO HD East 9460 Showtime HD East 9464 NFL Network HD 9465 HD Event 9466 NBA HD 9467 HD Pay Per View 9470...
  15. K4LK

    Dish Home Channel Selection

    Is it possible to change the six channels that appear on the Dish Home screen? Right now, mine are CNN, FOX NEWS, CNBC, Weather Channel, HGTV, MSNBC (I think). I couldn't find any menu selection to change these. Thanks Dana
  16. K4LK

    NEW DishHD web site found! (And now it's gone)

    Not sure if this is old news but I found the DishHD web site: DishHD Web Site Dana
  17. K4LK

    Can I use a DishPro 34 switch to receive four slots?

    Sorry if this has already been asked but here goes: I currently have a Dish500 with DishPro Twin LNBF aimed at 119/110 and a Dish500 with DP single LNBF aimed at 61.5 joined with a DP 21 switch. Can I replace the 21 switch with the 34 and add a third dish aimed at 129? I'm not clear if...
  18. K4LK

    Which LNBF

    Hi guys, I have a Winegard 30" dish that I was using for VOOM to improve rain fade margin. It is the DS-2078 ( ) with RCA style feed support. Is there an LNB that will fit that I can use for FTA (linear transponders instead of circular on DBS)? Thanks!
  19. K4LK

    VOOM shown at Orlando HamCation

    I saw a guy with his VOOM van at the Orlando Hamfest on 2/12. He was showing the receiver and dish and was handing out brochures. I didn't have time to stop and chat but was pleased to see him there. No visual picture demo, though.
  20. K4LK

    VOOM Service Policy Sucks!

    I received a download the day before Thanksgiving (Nov 23). The box crashes and locks-up shortly after the VOOM starting-up screen. I called VOOM on Thanksgiving morning. They were able to schedule a service call with the original installer on Friday. It was actually scheduled for Friday...