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    Is there any way to remove channels from "Channels I Get"?

    I'm a newby on DTV from Dish for over 10 years and Dish has one up on DTV in this regard. I agree with the original poster that there should be a way to ONLY show what you subscribed to but there isn't. Since companies only do things with profits in mind they probably have documented proof that...
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    Guess I'll Show Just How Much About FTA I Don't Know

    Thanks Iceberg for the reply........ I remember KVHP......transmitter antenna 8-10 miles northeast of Vinton La, actually closer to Texas than Lake Charles but it always showed the Saints and the KUIL LP station transmitted on the west side of Beaumont and it's signal wouldn't hardly go maybe...
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    Guess I'll Show Just How Much About FTA I Don't Know

    I've spent close to an hour looking and can't find the answer, sure hope someone on here knows the answer to this FTA question. I'm in SE La, root for the Saints, but am originally from Texas and am a die hard Cowboys fan. On a Cowboy website, there was a post that said FTA would pick up Cowboy...
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    Poll, Do you have your NEW smartcards yet? (Dec poll)

    Got mine Saturday for my 4900 and 322 dual receiver, the 301 didn't need one, and can I say that Dish, you really got it simplified this time. Put the smart card it do it's thing.........and in less than 5 minutes it's back on with all the channels checked and confirmed. It's nice...
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    dish quality control shows up at my house..

    Where I live a locked privacy fence requires the utility meter reader to call on cell phone to our house 5-10 minutes before hand just to make sure we are home to let them get into the back yard to read the meter, it's been working great for years. No complaints from either side, them or us...
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    New Orleans and Baton Rouge Locals

    I've looked through the threads and haven't found anything quite like this. I'm in Hammond Louisiana.....approx 40 miles east of Baton Rouge and approx 60 miles north northwest of New Orleans. For our locals, putting in my address, we are in the New Orleans market, even though if we have to...
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    Trees a Problem 4 Dish 500

    For my uncle's house on my property behind me, the posibility for a Dish 500 is not possible because I can line up 119 but can't get 110 because of a tree, and there are a lot of trees. If I use two 300 dishes, one where it is right now sucessfully picking up 119 and use another dish 300 maybe...
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    sky angel sat owes me money

    Someone that goes to my church that has been subscribing to SA monthly for 4 years had been putting it on autopay on his credit card. He told me a couple of Sundays ago that he called SA because they took out one payment the month after SA went dark. He called and told them to correct it or he...
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    Poll - Which direction did everyone go?

    not really a mis-characterization, just not telling what has been on these forums for the past year telling about SA not being totally honest with their subs. Wouldn't say that they screwed the public, although that might be a little harsh, and in some eyes that's exactly what they did......I...
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    IS DIRECTV Installer wrong......I hope so!!!!!'s not seperate property, I own the property and he stays there. All the bills come through me not seperately. taz291819........Just say it's guest quarters, and be done with it.'re right, it really is guest quarters, just so happens that the guest is my...
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    IS DIRECTV Installer wrong......I hope so!!!!!

    I'm a Dish customer that is wanting to switch to Direct probably the first week in May. I saw an installer at a neighbor's house and ask him to come look at my install and he said he'd be here in 15 minutes. I have a residence with a dual tuner and single tuner in my house and a single tuner...
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    Disappointed lifetime members post HERE

    I'm disappointed also but wish them the best. I've forgiven them, they need it like all of us need forgiveness, but won't support their endeavor because of their dishonesty. I've come to the conclusion after reading all of these posts here and elsewhere that SA must have changed up the...
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    Disappointed lifetime members post HERE

    Hope they make it but they probably won't.......SA getting too worldly thinking........ Goodnight Chet … Goodnight David
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    Sa Iptv

    One question...........will SA send out any letters to let IPTV subs know when they aren't making it financially or keep it a secret and will there be another thread in two or three years that we all read saying 'seems like this happened a while back'...
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    Family Package Channels not able to go back 48Hours

    Well of course not, it's not ethical at all! I was just commenting on what was legal and what recourse a business had in case their rules were violated. A business is hoping that they can put out their rules and people will follow their rules. If they ask everyone that joined their club or...
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    Dish Sub May Switch To DirecTv...Pros and Cons Please

    Questions: Monthly subscription or 11/12ths deal for annual subscribers?(Pay for approx11months and get 12months) DirecTV have Dual Tuner Receivers? DVR suspect problems? Telephone hook up? Will installer use existing Dish equipment that can be used or will they put in all new stuff? Some...
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    Family Package Channels not able to go back 48Hours

    Anything on the screen is put there by the company that wishes you to abide by it's TOS. A company can't tell you not to record it for your own personal use or their TOS can't because a company has to abide by the law just like you and me. A company can't make rules or TOS to override a law, if...
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    Sky Angel IPTV lineup

    Hey Guys I'm coming at this from a different perspective. I'm a lifetimer that paid $199 for SA and the contract says my lifetime, my wife's lifetime, or my family's lifetime.....BUT.......I'm not so naive to think that the company can keep on staying in business without finances to keep it...
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    New User Needs Help

    SkyAngel DBS ending 3-31-08 don't spend your money for 3 months of service. MDB in SE La
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    How Many Subs does Sky Angel have?

    I'm sorry I didn't see your question, I appologize for being late answering your question. The NQC....National Quartet Convention. Back in 1996, at the NQC they were advertising SkyAngel carrying GMTN....Gospel Music Television Network broadcasting from Pidgeon Forge, Tenn 24/7 Southern Gospel...