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  1. cheebs

    Multi-Provider MDU Installation

    Have you looked at any of the fiber solutions? Pace International has been doing MDU for a long time and they might be able to help you out integrating all the disparate systems.
  2. cheebs

    My LNB is correct but!!??

    Can you clarify a little? Are you using two separate 1.8s? Did you have any difficulty with 107? I tried in Guatemala and only was able to lock in 111.
  3. cheebs

    Bizarre problem with Xbox360 HD-DVD and Heroes Disc 2!

    Hey, thanks for taking the time to look for that info! Exactly my case, as the morning coffee took effect, I realized I was just a Google away from the solution :eureka BTW, this Heroes HD DVD set is the shiznit!
  4. cheebs

    Something to consider re: D* CSR reps

    Yep. I've had more than one "conversation" with the Filipino CSRs. Ok for simple stuff, forget about anything even remotely complex.
  5. cheebs

    Bizarre problem with Xbox360 HD-DVD and Heroes Disc 2!

    Never mind! After running a search on a couple other forums I ran into the fix: delete all files from the system/memory/HD-DVD section and reload disc. It will take around 3 minutes to load, but will do so eventually.
  6. cheebs

    Bizarre problem with Xbox360 HD-DVD and Heroes Disc 2!

    I pre-ordered Heroes on Amazon and got it the day after the release. Much to my disappointment, Disc 2 of the set would not play. Called Amazon, got an RMA and had a replacement sent. Got the replacement yesterday. Well dangit Disc 2 from this set won't play either!!! All others, from 1...
  7. cheebs

    DirecTV 10 Signal Reading Thread(Transponders are Hot!)

    Interesting... the one I spoke to last night said the 16th... gotta love CSR roulette!
  8. cheebs

    HR20 and Heavy Rain

    Fans activate when I turn on my Home Theater (HT) receiver. The 12v trigger activates a switched outlet on a Panamax 5510EX, which controls the fans.
  9. cheebs

    HR20 and Heavy Rain

    Yes, same exact thing has happened to me, with an HR20-700. After an unusually heavy rain, the receiver will be frozen, with a pixellated screen. Either an unplug or RBR will fix the situation... until it rains heavily again. Under normal circumstances all signals are in the 90's. I do use a...
  10. cheebs

    What lnb for Starchoice?

    As Iceberg said, you will need a STANDARD, not Universal, linear polarized LNB for SC. Go with Mike, he's knowledgeable and won't steer you wrong!
  11. cheebs

    MDU Systems + MPEG4 + 5 LNB Dishes

    Pace is NOT a retail entity, which is why many of their items are not priced on the web. I'd call them anyway to get an ETA for the MFH-2
  12. cheebs

    MDU Systems + MPEG4 + 5 LNB Dishes

    There is already the technology in place for MDU providers to suppply their users with signal from the ka-band satellites. Pace (PACE Electronics :: Satellite Equipment, Tools, Supplies&More) has even come up with several different setups, including a single-wire solution and a fiber...
  13. cheebs

    Help w/ Echostar 3 in South America

    I just found a footprint map to back my statement. No way you can get E3 in Brazil, sorry. Here's the map: I would go about it another way: look up the channels you want/need and then see if there are C-band alternatives or mirrors.
  14. cheebs

    Help w/ Echostar 3 in South America

    I seriously doubt that you'll be able to get signal from this satellite. It's set up for CONUS coverage and Brazil's just too far to the south.
  15. cheebs

    Scott's DirecTV Diary Comments

    Re: Scott's experience with a rude CSR: welcome to D* CSR roulette! Whenever I get a noncooperative or rude CSR I just hang up and call again. Most of the time the second call gets you a much more understanding and friendly person. If the second call doesn't work try again, and if THAT...
  16. cheebs

    Help Needed

    yep, what Iceberg said
  17. cheebs

    What do I need?

    If you want something done right, do it yourself! Good that you're doing a self-install! Good luck in this, if you can get us the same access the other site has, I'll be very happy. I don't like going to separate sites for my info, and would much rather stay here. But, to be truthful, I've...
  18. cheebs

    What do I need?

    Scott: Go with the 5 LNB, otherwise when the new birds go up you'll be SOL with the new HD programming! As far as equipment, well the H20 is a horrid receiver (I've had two that would reset every 5-10 mins), but there's no non-DVR HD alternative. The D10-11 is very stable but is SD. So, in...
  19. cheebs

    Surround Speakers

    or wire them in series, which won't affect impedance
  20. cheebs

    Satelliteguys Exclusive- Yambeka 5 Speaker HT

    I finally installed a set (I bought 4 from Brian, sold the other 3) in my studio/theater at the office. First I used them without a sub, and frankly I was pretty disappointed by the bass output from just the two 8-inch woofers. At first I had them firing outwards, the change to inwards facing...