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  1. tfultz


    I've got a sore head but nothing can wipe the smile off of my face right now :D This is something I did not think would happen in my lifetime and this is one of the greatest things I've seen happen in this great city I'll be at the parade tomorrow!
  2. tfultz


    Yes...I think it did give them an unfair advantage. In a general sense, if you max out your credit cards you can get some nice things that a more fiscally responsible person would not have been able to get. I think there has to be some sort of major penalty imposed on clubs that will not...
  3. tfultz


    Call me biased but I don't think that a club declared insolvent and auctioned off in bankruptcy court should be allowed to participate in the playoffs. Soccer teams that go insolvent are penalized a massive amount of points. MLB needs to take this type of stance as well
  4. tfultz


    The San Francisco Giants have never won a World Series and they have been around much longer than the other two teams Giants are an absolutely soul destroying team to be a fan of but if the Red Sox and White Sox can shake off the history then the Giants can too. I just don't know if I'll...
  5. tfultz

    How to stop your 5yr old from recording every show?

    Same thing happens every time we have a guest stay over :D
  6. tfultz

    What are your favorite rivalries that your teams are involved in?

    Typical Dodger Fan....:rolleyes:
  7. tfultz

    What are your favorite rivalries that your teams are involved in?

    I can guarantee that many more people know the Old Firm rivalry than the Ohio State-Michigan rivalry. ;)
  8. tfultz

    DIRECTV Offers More Soccer Then Ever Before

    It actually shows replays, rugby and sky sports news 24/7. 621-1 was never an active channel until yesterday. It looks like the 621-1 channel will pickup the live HD feeds for FSC+ matches according to the EPG. I doesn't look like it will be a 24/7 HD channel at this time
  9. tfultz

    What are your favorite rivalries that your teams are involved in?

    Good thing about living in the US is that once the match is over you can get some peace.
  10. tfultz

    What are your favorite rivalries that your teams are involved in?

    I can't really say that I enjoy the 'rivalry' that Celtic has with another team in Glasgow
  11. tfultz

    DIRECTV Offers More Soccer Then Ever Before

    FSC HD on 619 is live as of this morning on my box.:cool: I had to re-add the channel on my favorite channel list. No sign of FSC+ in HD though. There is an alternate to the alternate FSC+ on the guide now 621-1 and 622.
  12. tfultz

    Are you having Sling / DISH Remote Access Issues

    100% true. Outsourced, overseas tech support and the bollocks to charge you $50 to use it. Way to screw up a great thing yet again, Dish. Maybe you can file a lawsuit
  13. tfultz

    DIRECTV Offers More Soccer Then Ever Before

    :up:up:up:up:up :music::bounce:ok::clap@party:bow Happy Days!!!!!!
  14. tfultz

    "Apple and the war for the mobile market"

    Interesting article but it fails to address the rise of the Itunes store which is a real cash cow for Apple and where they hold a huge lead in market share
  15. tfultz

    DIRECTV Announces New HD!

    Funny enough, when Dish dropped GolTv it made me switch to DirecTv :D Dish lost a $130/month account and Direct Tv gained one
  16. tfultz

    GolTV HD Is Live??

    I had to re-add the 620 channel to my favorites when it went live. There are a couple of banner ads as well on the EPG Just waiting on FSC and FSC + now :up
  17. tfultz

    iPhone 4 screen vs earlier iPhone screens

    The 4's screen is really remarkable. Easily the best screen out there and you will definitely notice it when you use something that is not an iPhone 4. I've been using the iPad quite a bit and when I have to do something on the iPhone the difference is really noticeable. I really hope the next...
  18. tfultz

    Fox Soccer HD: August 11th!

    HAPPY DAYS!!!!!!:clap Except for the SPL everything I watch will now be in HD Is FSC+ going to be HD?
  19. tfultz

    Apple announces press conference to discuss fixes to the IPhone 4 hardware

    I don't really know what Apple could have done differently. They responded within a reasonable time frame that still allowed consumers plenty of time to return the phone, admitted the problem, proposed a work-around solution involving giving out something for free that would directly affect...
  20. tfultz

    World Cup Final scores more viewers than World Series and NBA Finals

    Actually that is a very impressive number. Too bad the Dutch had to turn it into a kicking contest instead of playing the way they had throughout the tournament. In 10 years I have never seen my local bar as full as it was for the finals.