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    Pointing Dish to EA

    Will the old LMB work with the Hopper 3 until I get a chance to change out the required LMB and add the Solo Hub
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    Two Hopper 3's allowed on one account?

    Will only own one. The other Hopper 3 is DISH.
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    Two Hopper 3's allowed on one account?

    Question. Two residences: AZ (Winter - Nov to May) and WA (Summer - May to Nov). Twenty year DISH customer.Upgraded to Hopper 3 in November with two year contact of course. Box up receiver every six months and reconnect myself. Will now have to self install the Hybrid West Arc LNBF and Solo...
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    DVR Not Working

    Phoned Dish. On line Tech said Dish will not have a fix until 4 April!!!
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    DVR Not Working

    No, Is there a DIRT member on line? One Chat said they would replace my 62% full Hopper except can't get the recordings off. Since I am not on regularly, what is this new UI? Thanks.
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    DVR Not Working

    I am still having the same problem. Three chats, the last one I was told Dish is working on it 7/24. Anyone else?
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    DVR Not Working

    I have software S625 and my recordings is just flashing, then black. My recordings works on the Joey though.
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    Watertown, NY

    VIP612. we can get a lock on 72. Will we need a new LNB
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    Watertown, NY

    Moved from Choctaw, OK to just North of Watertown. What satellite do I aim at, and peak at (previously 119). Transponder numbers? Got my angles from Dish pointer. Is it still 110, 119, and 129? Thanks.
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    Hopper Conection Without Joey

    I wish to connect a Hopper without a Joey until I can instal the cable to the back room for the Joey. Is this as easy as disconnecting a 722, and attaching the same coax to the Hopper without going through a Node? Or run the standard two coax into the Node and one out to the Hopper?
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    Former Dish Net / New Customers Read This

    The apartment complex I am moving to will not allow Dish on a tripod. Pre-wired for Direct with a satellite on each building. I am a Dish costumer of over a dozen years, Now I must put Dish on suspension fot six months when I go south to AZ. Spoke to Direct, Credit OK, I now have a Direct...
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    I disagree. The US is a free enterprise system. Why would you want big government to tell two non government businesses what to do? It's not Canada and the CRTC you know! You don't realize how much a pain the CRTC can be.
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    Another moving locals

    I need some help here. I move north from San Antonio for five months. In the new location, my 1000.2 cannot receive 110 because of the building I am in. The Seattle locals appear to be on 110. The info below shows some locals on 119. Sat Maps: 60 - 119...
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    External HD Movies Delete after Playing

    I installed a EHD last week to use an an archive so have not watched anything yet. I have unpluged the EHD. Any problem with that? Additionally my 722 responds to commands (Guide, Info, Skip fwd/back, etc ) very slowly. EHD now unpluged. When powered, same problem.
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    External Hard Drive Archive Bug Thread

    I just installed and transfered programs to a WD My Book Essentials EHD. I do not plan to tranfer either way any programs for several days. Can I power down (unplug) the EHD?
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    Sat 129 on dish input 1 ?

    My 1000.2 on a tripod blew over on my balcony and the inside edhe on the right side is bent inwards. The inside convex looks ok. I think the arm may be bent ever so slightly, maybe not. Cannot get 119, transponder 11, but get 119 tansponder 23 strength 23. Signal strength at 129 is not locked...
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    Temp Move TX to WA

    Thanks to the experts for their assistance. This snowbird now established back in the north of Oroville, WA. I now have the 1000.2 installed on a balcony tripod and receiving 119W and 129W. Building blocks 110W. I believe that I am within a spotbeam. Subscribe to the locals in San Antonio, TX...
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    Temp Move TX to WA

    Picure as stated above.
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    Temp Move TX to WA

    The LOS line for the 1000.2 goes down the west side of the building as seen in the first picture (not due South). It was iffy. I then had an installer try to get a signal to no avail (we strapped the dish on a post temporally) Plan to use the pole or tripod method for 129W. This picture...
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    Temp Move TX to WA

    E* will not visit to do a LOS. I am on the first floor of a three story condo building facing West. The South view is limited by the building extending approx 100 ft. Picture is South view.