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    Hybrid LNB Wiring Diagrams

    Looking for a wiring diagram to hook up a VIP211 to port 2 on a hybrid LNB. Port 1 is in use with a Hopper 3 system. Do I need to add a power inserter (or other?) to the port 2 coax dedicated to the VIP211?
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    Epix free for one month

    Ditto. Thanks.
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    Dish Anywhere stopped working

    I have the same problem. I cannot get the green light next to the DVR name. The DVR is not accessible from the web app. works fine. I do not have the Hopper but a sling adapter with a VIP 711.
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    Question about the exchange of 508 by 512.

    MattG, I have some questions about this credit and exchange. Will be sending you a PM.