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    Anyone dropped Platinum from their HD & Platinum and kept "HD for Life?"

    KAB, That is certainly possible. Time will tell. Maybe we could bet a $10 donation to SatelliteGuys?
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    Anyone dropped Platinum from their HD & Platinum and kept "HD for Life?"

    jdmart, No, sorry, incorrect on all counts. :) Either 24mo or $99 fee required. No $5 downgrade fee to remove platinum $5 processing fee for $99 charge. The $104 shows up in my "activity since last statement". The only way to really find out is to call or chat, and ask Dish...
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    Anyone dropped Platinum from their HD & Platinum and kept "HD for Life?"

    My changes showed up right away on the website, although not in the "activity since last statement" part. This is the "programming add or change" page. So, it's possible to see what has changed. In my case, my bill will go down by $10. Old: Basic Programming: America's Top 120...
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    Anyone dropped Platinum from their HD & Platinum and kept "HD for Life?"

    I dropped platinum and signed up for HD-for-life this morning. The required a 24 month commitment or a $99 fee. Also, "There will be one time transaction fee of $5 to collect the payment." for the $99 fee, for a total of $104. I went thru chat, because the online update part of the website is...
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    Dish Online Account

    I've used my email address several times this morning. Their website is painfully slow today, even worse than usual. I'm sure it's the combination of all the updating for new services, as well as having to try everything about six times because the website times out. Verizon Wireless is...
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    shipping from Canada back to US

    Shaw Direct Store Locator - Find Satellite Retailers in Canada - Shaw Direct When you find one using this link, give them a call rather than just going there. When I checked, one was a guy who just worked out of his house.
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    YES! Midget wrestling on TV tonight

    I remember a few years ago when "Dwarf Tossing" was popular. There was a story about a bar that had to stop it because of some pressure group. One of the performers was interviewed on TV. I still remember his comments. "I was making about 80 grand a year, working two nights a week. Now...
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    Server Work Tonight

    That did the trick. Thanks.
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    Server Work Tonight

    Unfortunately it looks like the security hole fixed was the ability to mark forums read :) I've been using Mark Forums Read This now gives me error: ________________ vBulletin Message Your submission could not be processed because a security token was invalid. If this occurred unexpectedly...
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    Moving Question

    You don't have to set up Dish Mover directly with Dish. I called a Dish retailer near my new place. We were able to handle everything over the phone. I gave them a preferred day, and they're going to check with their installer guy to see if it's open. I'm flexible on the day, so that's fine...
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    $15 to ship receiver?

    I'll not weigh in on the morality of the fee. However, from an economic point of view, for me, it's cheaper than sending the box myself. From Seattle to Denver or El Paso is about $22, which is significantly more than the $15 that Dish charges. Plus, I have to find a box and pack properly to...
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    Broadband audit important question

    On occasion I look at the access log on my firewall. Somebody on my network is connecting to "" about once per minute. I assume it's my 622. I note activity on the ethernet connection on my 622 about once per minute, as well. The name resolves to an IP address which is...
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    Please - need help in Oregon

    Wow, 10.7 is great. My 530 is getting 6.6 and 6.8 on the two tuners.
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    Please - need help in Oregon

    Well, some of the fuel usage is when I'm out driving the boat around. However, on the "desert" theme, we have nine months of cold weather in Seattle, where I have to run my furnace. It runs on diesel fuel. Right now the temperature is about 50 degrees with 5-10 knot winds. Seattle does get...
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    Please - need help in Oregon

    I'm glad I have an old dish with the elevation screw. That's typically the adjustment I make. My boat lies north-south, and my fuel tanks are in the stern. As I use fuel, the pitch forward increases. I'm able to make small elevation adjustments on the dish with that screw. The pointing...
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    Please - need help in Oregon

    Is your antenna located where you can get to it, like on a pole or low on the side of the house? Does your site have line of sight to the satellites (no trees)? When the guy leaves, go out and set your pointing parameters. Then, adjust a couple of degrees at a time until you find the...
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    DISH to offer Locals in all 210 DMA's

    OK, that makes excellent sense. I didn't know about the requirement about point of presence. With all the hills I'm not surprised that Dish can't get a decent signal from KVOS in Seattle. Traditionally KVOS has mostly served the Vancouver BC area. A year or two ago, they tried to move their...
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    DISH to offer Locals in all 210 DMA's

    I wonder if this bill means Dish will provide locals that are in the DMA but not in the area. For example, Seattle DMA includes Bellingham, which is about 100 miles north. KVOS is in Bellingham, and hence in the Seattle DMA, but it is not offered by Dish. I'll download the law and try to...
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    Please - need help in Oregon

    You don't mention what receiver you have. If you have a 530, you need to run two coax cables from the dish. My dish in Port McNeill was set up by an installer, and I didn't really pay attention to what he did. I set up my Seattle dish myself, and it's mostly a matter of being patient. Set...
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    Box in another location hookup

    Dish doesn't care that only you will be watching. They care that you will have one account with equipment installed at two addresses. If you connect the receiver to the internet, Dish can tell that you're at a different IP address. My 622 connects to "" about once a minute...
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    Any Info On The Bobby Flay Channel (125)?

    It's an advertising channel for Hellmanns Mayonnaise's "Real Food Project". It doesn't take much bandwidth for Dish. Note the small picture size and really horrible, fuzzy picture.
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    Cooking Channel Coming to DISH

    The Two Fat Ladies rock. If you really want to see them in their full glory, you need to buy the DVD. The shows were originally made for the full 30 (or 29) minutes for BBC. Food Network edited them to allow for commercials.
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    Cancellation Question

    The UPS guy just told you that there would be no charge to you from UPS. Dish picks up the shipping charge from UPS. Dish will charge you $15, no matter what the UPS charge might have been. In my case, the $15 is a good deal. It would cost me about $22 to ship a receiver to Texas or...
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    Dish Sizing Questions

    You should definitely install a larger dish. Other posters have recommended the 75e, and I agree. That's what I have in Port McNeill BC and Seattle. It's very easy to aim and get a good signal. It's not sensitive to minor movement like wind (or waves or dock movement in my case).
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    Acceptable Signal Strenght

    All three 110, 119, 129 are typically in the 60-70 range for me. The value is also different somewhat by transponder. I live on a boat, so I have to repoint due to fuel usage and dock movement sometimes. Typically I don't lose signal and need a repoint until the strength is under 30 or 40 (if...