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    Dish with 47" Vizio HDTV?

    Hi I have a 47" Vizio and its about as good as good gets. Blacks could be a little darker but I'll trade that for the brightness. Mine is hooked up with the HDMI and I have no problems at all. The picture is FAR better than my old Panasonic 47" RP CRT. No problems with blurring or color...
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    do any of you work for dish or direct?

    Just had an install done by a Dish Installer- a real employee of Echostar, not a contractor. Better trained, better equipment and a Dish van. Did a good job. Stated E* was cutting employee benefits. He just lost his medical insurance. He now only has a medical savings account from Dish. Rick
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    Strange Audio Issue- 622

    Had a 622 for about two weeks. Enjoying the almost rock solid performance and the new HD content [vs our old 811] Everything perfect except as below. I have our 622 connected to our LCD with HDMI. I primarily use the optical out for sound to our JVC receiver. 5.1 sound works great. The...
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    HDMI 622 problem

    Yep- HDMI at least saves cables- back of my unit looks like an old AT&T switch board:eek: I don't think trading your 622 will work- at least for now. There has to be a software fix coming----IF DISH is truthful about it being a software problem and not related to the original issue related...
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    HDMI 622 problem

    Loves2watch's solution is now Dish's official position. Had a 622 installed on July 4th and the installer, a real Dish Network Employee- not a contractor, wanted me to use the component cables. Said there is a software issue with 622s using HDMI. I insisted on using HDMI and so
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    Issues with 61.5

    I lost 61.5 on my 811. A check switch would not bring it back. Had to do a hard reset with the coax disconnected to get it back. Funny thing, my 510 still showed 61.5. I do have low readings on even transponders. -50-62 vs 70-78 on odd. Rick
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    Audio Drop out

    Thanks for the reply. Thats what I first thought....are others seeing the same thing? If its the source should it not be wide spread. Researched this through the threads and could not find anything. Rick
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    Audio Drop out

    Several months ago my HD bit the big one. Last week I finally purchased its replacement. I have an 811 with the original HD Pack- $10.00 month. Yes I paid for HD I could not watch... All was OK before the crash. Now my 811 audio is doing something strange. Right now, I'm watching National...
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    Distant Network Information

    I define "white area" as not being able to receive OTA. When I go to it shows I can get one network OTA-[which is not the case] The neighbors on the other side of the mountain- get a localized feed of Missoula networks. Local news, local commercials and local special events. Same...
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    Distant Network Information

    Rural Realities Something Dish, and most Sat. Guys don't seem to understand about qualification and "white areas". I live in NW Montana. Zip codes are large here. The website asks for my zipcode and phone number and based on this, it states I don't qualify. Yet I live in mountains. I cannot get...
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    DNS Cutoff Fees and Contratual Obligations

    Sorry, as others have pointed this was a civil suit brought by a number of local stations and networks- if they settle THEY can request dismissal of the suit as the wronged party. All must settle but all did not. You keep stating Dish violated the law as if they murdered somebody...
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    DNS Cutoff Fees and Contratual Obligations

    I hope you're doing ok. Interesting attitude here. If you were in a white area you wouldn't have needed a waiver. So you don't really care about network programming? Exactly what did you watch? I live in the mountains. I GET NOTHING over-the-air. As far as I am concerned its a white...
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    DNS Cutoff Fees and Contratual Obligations

    All My DNS were pulled November 1. I live in an "white area" - cannot receive OTA stations. I've had a waiver and DNS for many years- circa 2000. I am troubled by Dish's reaction because not one thing has been said about how my monthly bill will be affected. I already get locals through Dish...
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    I Lost My Distant Networks!

    1. 11/2 2. MONTANA 3.Still on 4.On the now Burns office is getting alot of calls- It seems most callers have no idea why distants turned off Rick
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    HD Locals in Atlanta

    THANKS! Guess I jumped the gun. It does make sense the "distant local" cities will be the first to go HD. Wonder if distant local subs will get HD?
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    HD Locals in Atlanta

    Understand the Atlanta Locals will be carried in HD sometime at the end of this month. Anyone know the channels. I subscribe to the HD pack and Atlanta Distant locals. Will the HD be on spot beams or available to all?
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    Dish 811 - P284 Update

    Just fininshed setting things right after download. Previous version 282. Now 284. One hiccup- the dl reset the remote address on the 811 to "1" instead of "2". This caused conflict with my 510 box. Thought something may have returned the box to factory defaults but my guide favorites were...
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    Why isn't CBS HD on 110?

    While CBSHD is listed as on 105, It is not available to subsribers. I get it and had to put up a second dish just for 61.5. Now it looks like Dish is giving up CBS??????????? Rick
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    Hi Gals/Gentleman...your expertise needed 811 PQ on SD for my Toshiba 42H83 RPTV

    On SOME TVs folks have better luck using the 480p resolution for SD viewing. I suggest trying it. Use the component cables and go to the 811 installation video and choose your out put at 480p see how the SD stations look. On my Panasonic, I get a better picture. Others see no difference. For HD...
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    Anyone know when the dp44 will be available?

    Lime4x4 I have two DP-34s. Each switch gets sats. 110 and 119. One switch gets the 61.5 sat and the other the 105 [locals]. This is not optimum as my 811 does not get local channels and my 510 does not get any SD 61.5 but this set up enabled me to watch the Superbowl. A single DP-44 will...
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    Anyone know when the dp44 will be available?

    During my unceasing efforts to get my SuperDish and 811 installed, I found a very able and understanding contact in the executive CSR office. I emailed him concerning the statement Dish had receivd 10 DP+44 switches on the most recent tech chat. This email was dated wednesday 2/26/2004.
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    811 SD Picture Quality

    I have a 47 widescreen RPTV. The 811 is currently hooked up with component cables. I have a 510 hooked up by s-video and its SD is much nicer. I have avoided messing with the 811 s-video because of the well known dark issue. It's not a power issue since the 510 looks great. This TV upconverts...
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    811 SD Picture Quality

    I would like to get this thread back to its original intent. I would like to know how most 811 users view SD programming. I my Panasonic RPTV, SD looks best using 480p resolution. This is a pain as it is not easy to change resolution. Some have mentioned this may simply be an issue with...
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    New equipment being replaced by refrubished equipment? This can't be right!

    Call executive CSR, see if you can upgrade to an 811. It goes for $149.00 to longterm customers. Perhaps you can get for less or even free. It is in Dish's interest to keep equipment as modern as possible. This way you should get a 12 month warranty. Good luck PS This needs to be discussed...
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    Any Opinions on dealing with Dish Network Regarding 811 receivers?

    I'm getting Free HBO and Showtime. Complained about the lack of HD content after making the one year commitment. Will only last a couple of months. IMHO, neither is worth paying for. I do get CBS-HD and find it very good. While I've had the same check switch, program guide and digital sould...