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    IMG 1.9 Release

    Too many issues... It is being rolled back to 1.8. :(
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    Verizon and the Tru2way threat!

    LOL Maybe we don't know the answer but we tell you what we know or think.
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    Verizon and the Tru2way threat!

    It will be interesting how Motorola and Cisco embrace Tru2Way from a Downloadable Conditional Access (DCAS) point of view. I don't see them willingly providing it.
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    Is MOJO coming to FIOS?

    Comcast is removing MOJO in my area. They may be going out of business so I would guess Verizon won't be adding them.
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    Comcast NJ II/Union additions & changes coming 5/15, plus some other news

    That old Suburban Cable is a model from which Comcast has advanced from.
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    Give me three reasons why you don't like Comcast.

    1. Arrogant 2. Customer Service is a joke 3. Slow to roll out new products and services. Only now that Verizon is KICKING THEIR ARSE are they doing something. 4. OVER PRICED! Want more?
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    Comcast/TiVO is here

    What I hate about Comcast is that you have no idea if they know of the issues and are they working on them. They keep the customer in the dark and expect you to accept what they give you as if it is the best thing since sliced bread.
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    Comcast vs satellite

    FiOS looks about equal to Comcast. I wasn't blown away with FiOS PQ over Comcast PQ.
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    Comcast vs satellite

    At least in my area, Comcast has the far superior picture quality than DirecTV.
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    Comcast Certifies TiVo Software

    Is there really 20 hours of native Hi Def programing broadcasted? 180 hours or even 90 hours of Standard Def Digital is just fine.
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    Comcast Certifies TiVo Software

    So it looks like the $299 - 180-hour TiVo® HD DVR is out now. I'm tired of waiting on Comcast.
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    Internet Speeds?

    Verizon is definitely putting the "heat' on Comcast! Gotta love REAL competition! October 17th we go up to 768/6 from 384/6.
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    Comcast DVR

    Any truth to the rumor that it may need to be a 3412 and not the 6421?
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    Just an FYI for NJ Comcast Customers

    The 12 MHz will be used for one or more of the following: 1. Higher Internet speeds 2. Up to 12 Digital channels or up to 2 HD channels 3. More VOD streams 4. Combination of all the above and maybe some other YTD services.