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    DVR 522 Remote Code for Sony Receiver

    What codes? SimpleSimon, Do you remember which 3 codes your Sony receiver responded to? I have a STR-K740P set to AV1 and I can't get any of the codes listed in my 522 manual to work. I've also done a code search with no luck. Thanks, jaylow48
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    Problems with the 522?

    Mine's pretty slow compared to my old D* receivers. I don't believe my 522 ever takes 10 seconds, but it will certainly take close to 5 most of the time? jaylow48
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    "universal" remote for 522

    I second that. I've got a Radio Shack 15-2116 ($29.97) that works great with my 522, Sony TV, Sony DVD and Sony audio system. Using JP1, I've programmed the Dish and PVR buttons. Check out this site for JP1 information. Remote Central...