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    ASC1 Dish Positioner

    I would like to take a moment and comment on my ASC1 dish positioner I recently purchased from Titanium Satellite. I am a newbie to this hobby and am just learning about FTA systems and the associated equipment. I'd been moving my dish with a homemade device that did nothing more than just apply...
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    139W AMC 8

    I used to pick this satellite up about a year ago. It was all Alaskan stations. Then it disappeared and i read somewhere they were having problems with it. I tried it for several months and the last time I tried scanning it I got no transponders.
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    139W AMC 8

    I wonder I wonder why I have not been able to get anything on that satellite for about a year now?
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    139W AMC 8

    Where can I get this mesh?
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    139W AMC 8

    I was at the understanding this satellite is no longer active. I lost all channels on that bird at least a year ago and my research said it had been taken offline due to being past its intended age limit. Was my information incorrect? Perhaps I have another reason why I no longer get these channels.
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    Help with C band in order to reach Intelsat 11

    I'm only three degress different from you and I get lots of latino channels on different satellites. Have you tried Satmex 6 or Satmex 5?