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    Direct TV HD on a 4 X 3 TV

    Set Enhanced to ON from Auto!! Done deal!
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    D* will carry CBS-HD for Superbowl and in O&O Markets!

    Black Outs? How about local blackouts? Current CBS HD D* offers blackout free reception.
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    Which DirectV HDTV Receivers have DVI Interface?

    Commitments: YES!!! else can you watch it?
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    Do I really need an 18x20 dish for DirecTV HD?

    Yes you are seeing just the one SAT.
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    RadioShack to offer only Dish Network

    Good Riddens to RS I fail to see what advantages the DISH has? They have no TIVO, poor customer service, and minimal exposure with Radio Shack and Sears...2 nobody HDTV retailers. I see D* the big winner here. Now if they can solve the broadband problems and get some On Demand service!
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    Cable or DISH for HDTV?

    Cable is the leader for me....better resolution, color and more programs.....Comcast, Philly.
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    CES2004 HDTIVO info

    CC also Shows Poor Pictures CC also shows horrible sample content on their store HDTV'a...go figure....they are not first class operations for sure.
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    The use of D*

    You are serious?? E is OK, but D is not?
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    480p looks better than 1080i?

    Bad (set(s)? Either your receiver is defective, your TV needs to be replaced or you need to read your manual. 480i is sh__t by comparison.
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    DirecTV Bandwidth Limits

    I believe D* will continue to use compressions to reduce the resolution of their HD content. They have a bandwidth problem and this addresses some of it. I think it will hurt their business.
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    DirecTV to offer FOX-HD to Fox O&O markets

    CBS too!! I believe CBS will also be covered...both are presently used for NFL Sunday ticket HD service already. :rolleyes: