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    HBO Max - WarnerMedia Announces Upcoming Streaming Service

    Yeah I see what your saying so they could have chose something different for sure..
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    The Latest iOS News Thread

    First it's Not click bait its just general information dealing with things related to Apple Second No I'm not a employee with the Verge or any companies that I post links to their sites. Most of the sites are just sites that are reporting news about the specific issue whatever it may be which...
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    HBO Max - WarnerMedia Announces Upcoming Streaming Service

    Yeah I don't think Cinemax has anything to do with this so they just added Max to be "maximized" about the content that will be available is all.. So I might switch over to this and drop HBO Now since they will have HBO shows but it will depend if they will have the movies as well. If they...
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    The Latest Android News

    New Galaxy Note 10 renders show possible new colors and more.. Read More Below. Galaxy Note 10 renders reveal new color and missing power button
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    Fire TV Cast

    Youtube back on Fire Tv. Read More below. YouTube is back on the Fire TV, and Prime Video launches on Chromecast starting today
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    The YouTube TV Thread

    New YouTube TV Update is going out.. Read More Below.. YouTube TV gets progressive fast-forward and UI refresh - 9to5Google
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    The Latest iOS News Thread

    Zoom Security Flaw found with Mac Cameras.. Read More Below Serious Zoom security flaw could let websites hijack Mac cameras
  8. Poke

    Google & Dish might create a new carrier

    Well the T-Mobile and Sprint merge have been in talks for awhile so this could be interesting to see if this happens. Read More Below.. Dish and Google could create a new wireless carrier
  9. Poke

    The Latest Android News

    More news on the Samsung Fold read more below. Samsung has reportedly fixed the Galaxy Fold Samsung has reportedly fixed the Galaxy Fold
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    Midway (2019 Movie) Teaser Trailer

    Looks good.
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    T-Mobile, Sprint said to be finalizing merger terms

    Looks like Dish might be stepping in. Read More Below. T-Mobile and Sprint are reportedly nearing a deal with Dish to save their merger
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    The Latest Android News

    Looks like the Note 10 will be out in August which most of the time August seems the month the Notes get released.. Read More Below.. Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 reportedly launching on August 7th
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    AT&T Should sell DIRECTV to DISH

    Eventually they all will go to a Streaming only service so a setup boxs DVR's so forth will be obsolete so all a customer will need to have is just a Smart TV. But Yes AT&T was not smart buying Direct they should sell it to Dish or Dish and Direct should merge together to try to put one good...
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    The Latest Android News

    We can do more now with Shazam on Android so read more below. Shazam can now identify songs playing through your headphones on Android
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    Google Live STADIA Connect Game Event

    Hmm it could simply change the industry in that people will no longer need hardware on their end basically a controller a nice TV with a high end connection. Its heading down the same road as TV Service Providers will be doing in that eventually everything will be streaming which means all you...