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    Dish 3d broadcast format

    I've asked Dish Network technical staff and they only say that Dish is not committed to 3d just yet. My question is simple, what 1.4a format will they likely use. (e.g. checkerboard, top/bottom, or side/side). I don't know what Direct TV uses, but it is likely the same. Now why would I like...
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    722k Lock up

    My 722k locks up (does not respond to the IR remote on TV1) This is often caused when I record two or more programs or when I switch from my recordings to sat. While a hard reset usually works, this is a pain when it is happening every day or so. What is wierd is that the IR sensor on the...
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    Ground Mount-Pipe Diameter

    I have dish comming in a few days and I know already that they are going to want to mount the dish on the roof. I want it on the ground. What size pipe (O.D.) will the ground mounted dish fit on. I have adequate views of both the eastern arc and the western satellites. Thanks
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    Equipment price change-HN???

    I cannot find a post I thought I read earlier about Hughes Net having a pricing change on Nov 15th. (e.g. $300 for the equipment) Does anyone know the facts? Are we talking an increase or decrease? I am also seeing some dealers offering an additional rebate running from 50 to 150 in...
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    Orbital Location-Hughes Net

    Does anyone know the orbital location of the satellite that would provide service to the East Texas?
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    Sat Internet sur-charges??

    Other than local sales tax that may be added to the monthly service, are there extra fees that are added to the bill such as is done with cell phones and telephone land lines that can add another $10 to the plans.
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    Hughes Net Equipment Options

    Most of the posts here tend to favor WB over HN. I guess that this is because it is a bit less expensive and more heavily advertised. Anyway I am going with HN. I seem to recall that there were some modem issues with HN. Is the 7000S modem the present modem that is installed on the Home...
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    Coax feed and mount

    I haven't read every post here, but I am getting ready to order service either from WB or HN. I have "everything" ready inside of my attic and my internal gigabit LAN is centrally located in the center of the attic on a 6/12 hip roof. I have three Dish Network dishes located on an antenna...
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    Did they skip the monthly forum for Jan? I seem to have missed it and my name based recording did not pick it up either.
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    Wildblue Package

    I haven't seen any post recently regarding a package deal for the Wildblue satellite internet with Dish accounts other than a vague reference to getting them on the same bill. The info on all the dealer websites indicate the same "deals"...e.g. free installation whether or not you have a Dish...
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    501/508 EPG Problems

    Anyone having 501 lockup when downloading program guides. Problem started a few months ago when VOD was introduced (may be coincidence). Anyway can't get more than 42-45 hours of advanced program guide. 3rd RX swap so it can't be RX. Signal strenght on all three birds near or over 100. Hard...
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    VIP 222 Status???Anyone knows??

    Does anyone have any insight (perhaps via dealer talks) as to when the 222 may be released. The feature I need is the agile modulated output to connect to my internal home cable distribution. If I understand this feature correctly, I should be able to take the TV2 remote to any room with a TV...
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    Charlie Chat/Tech Forum

    I haven't seen any info as to when the next chat might be. Are they gone for the summer? Once in a while, we get some decent info and insight...also special promotions. I record and fast forward. Thanks
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    Internet via DISH

    Does anyone have any information (general or specific) as to Dishs' plans regarding internet service for us unfortunate individuals in rural america w/o cable nor DSL. There are some carriers that offer a scaled down download (100kb for the bottom rung) and this involves installing a different...
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    501/5XX DVR HDD Replacement

    Basic Question on Preventive Measures. If/when my HDD in my owned 501 crashes, will I be able to simply replace it with a new drive and will the 501 do all of the formatting etc. I know you cannot get greater capacity by installing a larger capacity drive. If the 501 or 5xx will not do the...
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    Vip222-When will it be available

    Waiting for the 222. Any dealers getting any feedback on the inside channels of what is cooking. I know the semi official feedback earlier was end of year. Thanks:confused:
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    What to do with old 6000

    I am confident that many individuals have upgraded their equipment and have thought about the $25 dish will give you for a owned equipment. I have an old E6000 (presently active) with the two modules (8PSK module is unstable,but OTA works great). I prefer not to mess with e-bay and somehow can...
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    D6000 value

    Was going to part with my antique D6000 with both modules and take the $25 buy back when I skimmed over to e-bay and saw that they were going for insanely high prices. I can't figure this out. Even though I paid close to a grand for this first generation HD receiver, it just doesn't seem to be...
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    Vip622 monthly fees

    Does anyone know the monthly fee structure for the 622, assuming you have another dish receiver, a phone line connected to all of them and you subscribe to at least one of the qualifying services. For example would you have to pay for a monthly lease fee and/or an additional rx access fee, DVR...
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    Vip222 vs Vip221

    Anyone know the differences between the 222 (to be released later on this year??) and the 221 (available sooner)? It looks like you will ONLY be able to get a single upgrade RX so it might make a difference on what decision we make.