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    61.5 help

    I have an old Dish300 and a DishPro LNBF from my Superdish. I have ran the cable from the dish to the third port on DP34. I can't get the switch check to recognize the 300. What do I need to do to get the dish recognized so I can get a signal? I am using brand new RG6 cable about 12' long. My...
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    JVC SR1000 Sirius Receiver

    For the last few weeks my radio will come on when the car is started, but after a couple minutes it goes to the aquiring satellite screen. I cut the unit off for a couple of minutes and it comes back on. Does anyone think the unit is going bad? It is 3.5 years old. Anyone have any suggestions...
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    External speakers

    Is there a way to utilize the earplug adapter oon the tv to get stereo speakers to work?
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    Caller Id on 721

    I have talked with Tech Support several times about why Caller Id will not work on my two 721's. This last time they told me it was a grounding issue. I checked everything and all appears well but still no Caller ID. By chance I have a 501 which I hooked up to see if Caller Id would work. I used...
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    721 purchase

    Does anyone know if any retailers are offering the trade in of receivers toward the purchase of a 721? I have a 501 and a 4000 model receiver to trade.
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    Which type of splitter?

    I have never done this before, so I need some help. I have a 501 in the master bedroom. I want to split the cable coming out of the the receiver to the tv to run another cable to a computer room. Do I use a splitter that lets dc current pass thru on each side? Since this after the receiver, will...