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    Can someone with the time explain all these satellite terms to me?
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    What can I do with photos and music without computer?

    use youtube and/or facebook and get something like a roku to watch em. You don't have to set up the youtube links to be 'public' just a private one should work... same with facebook. Just create a new account and don't friend anyone with it. Simply use it to see stuff on your tv.
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    best dvb-s,dvb-s2 satellite receiver?

    I realize this thread is a couple of years old, but am putting a bump here to see if anyone can make any further suggestions. I've been out of the loop on fta a few years, but am thinking about getting back in to it in the next year or two since we just got a new place to rent that has a perfect...
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    Why are some internet sights incompatible with certain browsers?

    there's a lot to programming multi-browser support. It seems like it'd be easy to do, but it's not. The problem is that they all view the standards differently and over the years have approached them differently. Firefox, being most community oriented is usually pretty good, but for some...
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    Is pansat 3500 sd still ok to use?

    what about AZBOX? Read somewhere that it is only box that can do 4:2:2? Also, if these new boxes do hdmi, do you have to have a tv, or can you just plug them in to a computer monitor?
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    Is pansat 3500 sd still ok to use?

    which receiver is 'best' for getting s2?
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    Is pansat 3500 sd still ok to use?

    I haven't used my fta receiver in a few years since we went to using roku, but in the near future we are contemplating getting rid of dsl and a phone line to save a few bucks monthly as we are going to have a lot of new expenses we never had before long (Baby's due date is in July! :) ) Is it...
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    is a clearstream 5 worth the investment if you are in a basement?

    Thinking about buying a clearstream 5 but I'm thinking it might be overkill? A price of 150 bucks seems a bit steep for something that may not work? Right now I am using a radioshack amplified antenna ... this thingy is what we have...
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    can't wait for Agents of Shield. ;)
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    Would a Grey Hoverman build be worth building?

    Thanks. I'll probably just leave it as is... just frustrating on days like today when it's been raining all day. I haven't tried moving it too much because we usually watch 8 and 17 and they come in sorta ok usually when weather cooperates. On 6 the signal is strong even when weather is...
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    More FTA Changes

    sounds like a good move.
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    Would a Grey Hoverman build be worth building?

    At the moment I'm in a basement apartment. Our zip is 65203 Antennaweb says we should be able to get KMIZ-DT 17 ABC KOMU-DT 8 NBC KMOS-DT 6 PBS KQFX-LD 22 FOX KNLJ-DT 20 REL TVfool says we should be able to get 8 komu 17 abc 20 (25) knlj 15 (6) kmos 12 (13.1) cbs 28 klmc-lp Right now we...
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    Roku just got a heck of a lot more interesting!!!!

    it's still up, just have to use another private channel code to get it. ;) :)
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    Roku just got a heck of a lot more interesting!!!!

    Roku Forums • View topic - [Public Beta] NokNok: Media Without Borders
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    Roku vs FTA Television

    Roku is awesome. Got mine last Sunday after we decided to get rid of cable. I had to get rid of my fta stuff for now because we ended up moving in to a small apartment that doesn't have a 'commons' area attached to it directly where I could put up the dish. I could theoretically put it on a...
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    RokuXD in store at Wal Mart

    I broke down and got one because we are giving up cable, and we are in a basement apartment without a balcony, so fta is out of the question. It's a pretty nifty little device. The real neat stuff is in the private channels if you can find the the codes for them. I bought my Roku from...
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    What anoying and crazy things happen with your FTA set-up?

    TP overload is always a pain on the pansat here. It really does wonky things like assign tp 99999 to things, not add channels when they are found in blind scan, etc. It's all a memory leak junk. The variance in tp signals is on 30w is probably because of L vs V or the fact that there's a...
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    What s your primary receiver? Poll

    Pansat 3500 sd is currently main and only receiver. I used to have a dvb worldbox, but we left it in the attic where the computers used to be when we moved the computers to the main floor, and it was up there with no heating or cooling since there's no central air up there... it got fizzled out...
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    New RTV Saturday Morning Schedule

    wow. Guess I need to start watching the skys more in the mornings on weekends. Time for an extra cup of coffee.