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    Strategy for a newbie

    If you talk to Dish retention just prior to your initial promo period ending, Dish will renew that pricing with a minimal price increase with a two year term contract for service. I’ve done this 6 times only increasing my bill by $1 a month on each renewal. Jack Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    My price lock about to end?

    My 2 year agreement just ended. I called Dish and selected the disconnect option. This sends you to customer loyalty. I asked if renew my agreement for 2 more years. They said yes and my deal rolled over at the same price as the previous agreement. When this agreement ends I will have had...
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    Dish Agreement Ending

    Just talked to retention and I'm now locked in for 2 more years at the same price.
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    Dish Agreement Ending

    Just called this morning to regular customer service since my previous PCO expired this month and they told me there is no PCO discount available anymore. I'm on the chat line right now but I have 65 ahead of me! Chat line person I talked to gave me this info. So it looks like the Dish VIP...
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    long time dish customer, recent price increase, looking for input...

    I just installed the dual OTA tuner and have kept my local subscription active while I'm shaking things out. My biggest issue at this point is one local whose broadcast tower is in a different quadrant of the metro area and I'm trying to find the sweet spot for the antenna to minimize the...
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    U 341 now on the hopper 3 dvr

    Lost the sources icon from the DVD menu. Did a front panel reset and the icon came back. No problems after it came back in accessing the EHD.
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    Pricing Question (Upgrade to Hopper/Joey)

    I can attest that as a long term subscriber with a 2 year commitment I got a H3 upgrade, 2 wireless Joeys at no charge and a $15 a month discount on my Top 200. It's just a matter of asking each time once your existing commitments expire and agreeing to another 2 year term. Sent from my...
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    Pricing Question (Upgrade to Hopper/Joey)

    Keep in mind hey can deactivate the 211 when they are not using the RV. That cuts the bill by $7 a month. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Dish got caught overtaxing new customers.

    Add to the confusion any local taxes. Quite honestly I haven't sat down to analyze the tax amount on my Dish statement. However I did look at my cellular phone bill and found they were charging me a local municipal tax based on the post office city. While I am serviced by that post office, I...
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    NFL game broadcast full 25 seconds behind DirecTV

    I used to manage IT at the local NFL stadium. In most cases the local Fox broadcast of the games trailed live action by as much as 15 seconds. Add onto that the processing required for satellite and the local receiver, it is not impossible that you could see even more time above the live...
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    Local channels from different location.

    Not in this case because local channels are broadcast via spot beam. That beam is limited in geographical coverage and most likely will not reach Florida. Spot beams for local markets vary in size. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    DISH Playmaker w/ Wally only 1 satellite?

    I would check with Dish on cable length. My Tailgater dish came with 50 ft of cable. I'm using a 211z receiver. I called support and talked to someone who directly supported the Tailgater who noted that if I used 3 ghz coax my 211z could easily support up to 100' of distance. He noted to be...
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    after 15 years, i really dont get much

    I've been with Dish 18 years and had discovered that with longevity, deals are there if you ask. The key is giving them a commitment in exchange for discounts. My last commitments have gotten me free upgrades to a Hopper 3, wireless Joeys, upgraded wiring, and a 2 year $18 a month discount...
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    Tired of Blackout Risks

    I have decent reception through an OTA antenna so I'm going to get a digital USB converter once they get into stock again. I called Dish and they couldn't give me an estimate as to when. Since this integrates with the Hopper I'll have guide and recording capabilities Sent from my iPad using...
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    Digital OTA antenna for additional channels

    While I don't have an outdoor antenna, I do have some indoor antennas on 3 TV's. Biggest issue is that all the tv towers aren't in the same direction from my home. My antennas are all panels which seem to be direction oriented which affects the signal strength on some channels, thus causing...
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    Tribune Broadcasting Company Blacks Out DISH Customers in 33 Markets;

    Yep, the offer isn't working. I've been talking to them on and off since Friday and their system isn't sending out the join emails. I talked to a tech last night and she was escalating the problem and said that there should be a fix within 72 hours. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Tribune Broadcasting Company Blacks Out DISH Customers in 33 Markets;

    Be aware that Dish is no longer offering the antenna to pick up your lost locals. Instead the are offering a temporary subscription to Sling TV. Problem is that Dish is having problems emailing you the information on how to activate it. I contacted Sling TV and the confirmed the offer but the...
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    Dish 50.0 (Voice remote)

    My early use of the 50.0 for voice commands is mixed. I tried some of the commands listed with in Dish customer web support page. Some work, others don't. For example the "tune to channel xx" command doesn't work for me no matter what channel I ask for. Instead I have to leave off the "tune...
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    Dish 50.0 (Voice remote)

    When I upgraded to the Hopper 3 at the local home show in March, the reseller said I would get the 50.0 when it got out of beta. When processing the order the reseller gave me his cell phone so that Dish customer service could go over the terms of the upgrade. I asked that person about the...
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    Hopper 3 ehd question

    I have a 1TB Western Digital drive. My Hopper 3 is the third model Hopper that has supported this drive successfully. I was rolling programming back to the H3 within minutes of the installer leaving my home. Having this drive really has made upgrading to a new receiver a snap. The only...