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    DISH we lost our OK CBS but give us the OTA programming guide info!!

    So maybe someone from DISH will step up and lets us know if DISH can or can not give the OTA guide. The last time the information showed up but as of now all it says "KWTV shut off CBS"
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    Hopper option?

    Can I delete a show and just keep the commercials? My Broncos really stunk it up today and dont want to every watch that game again.
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    External HD for 622

    I had a few Staples rewards to use up and purchased a WD Mybook 2TB hard drive to hook up to my 622. So can you only tranfer recordings to the EHD? If so its a shame that you could not choose the option where to record too. I really hope i missed something during setup but disappointed if I...
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    Roku problem

    Been using my Roku 3 but the other night I had sound but no picture. It had a message about HDCP content. I did read post in another forum to unplug my HDMI cable and plug it back in and it went to working. Since then its happened twice more. Is it the cheap Dish HDMI cable or do I need to do...
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    AT&T Air Card

    Need a little help from the experts. I have a company laptop with AT&T air card. They have locked it down that i can not even check my home email or facebook any more. I work on the road and wordering what would be my best route to go. Can I get a personal laptop or tablet and move my company...
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    NBA on XM

    I was thinking we got the NBA last year...Did this go away? The channels are there.
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    VIP 211 with 2 hoppers

    My friend got 2 hoppers installed and Dish called him and told him he needed to send back his 211 it was a leased unit. He uses the 211 when he goes camping and tailgating. Can you not have a 211 if you have Hoppers??? Dish told heim he needed to send a copy of his camping trailer. They sent...
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    New DTV spot beam maps

    There is a lot of different color rings on these maps. Do the colors mean anything? How do you know if you will get a good enough signal to get a picture? In the past the HD signal for the Oklahoma HD locals do not go very far west in oklahoma. -103 Directv Directv 12 S2797 A1B6 Oklahoma City...
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    Dish retailier site DOWN??

    I have not been able to get back on since this afternoon. Could if be overloaded with several of the members finally getting their settlement checks fromthe law suits? :)
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    Dish's Sorry TRICKS

    I have been a long time customer but its about to come to an END. I get a recorded call from dish today telling me how lucky i was to be choosen to now become paperless billing. I was going to be so happy that i didnt have to haul off all this extra trash!! I was not given an option at all just...
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    Distant HD locals

    What do you have to do to get them? My Best friend has had them forever and DTV just shut them off...:mad:
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    Oklahoma City HD locals

    Got several calls today about losing the HD locals since they moved them to 129 Spotbeam. Why does dish just have to keep screwing it up. I lost several to DTV when the Wichita ks locals moved and customers could not get them with Dish. Seemed like Dish didnt really care to lose a few..I was the...
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    oklahoma HD

    Is there another Okie out there with OK City HD locals who can check the transponder and see which transponders on 99 and 103 that you are getting your HD locals on. Thanks in advance for your help..Bruno
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    DTV lies ..again

    I guess DTV has stoop to low levels again. The last Commercial says and you always get your locals. This is BS!! How DTV gets to keep lying about these types of things is beyond me. There are several DMA that DTV does not care about. DTV quit your LYING just to get a sale!!
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    Is there any word when these new 4 mpeg receivers with TIVO will be out?
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    DTV and Distant HD feeds

    Can anyone tell me that they have got Distant HD abc, cbs, nbc and fox in the last month along with there locals. I live in a white area and can not get anything but cbs in HD with dish but have heard that some can get all the Distant local HD feeds from DTV. Please let eme know if this is possible.
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    Any news on OLN

    I dont know if the rodeo season is getting ready to start but had several Dish customer calling the last few days ready to jump ship to DTV to get OLN. I sent an email to but have not got a reply back from him yet. Give it up Scottie what do you know...:)
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    Where is FOX NEWS on Sirius

    Well i used to have Fox news as a favorite on channel 133 and now 133 is headline news. Did Sirius pull a Charlie on us?
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    HELP...RCA DLP screen and House cleaner

    Got a friend that his house cleaner used a sponge and he thought pledge to clean it and now the screen is got some stains on it. Any one got any ideals on how to clean it up?
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    Caller Id and the 921

    Just wondering if anyone is having having trouble with caller id and there 921? Installed a new 921 and the caller id is not working and yes i did enable it. I will also call out but the pop up block will not come up showing who is calling. there is not any on the history page either. I know...