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    Getting EPG data for a computer PVR?

    Hey all, I'm thinking of using a DSR505 along with a high-quality capture card to record video. Is there any service that lets me download the EPG ? I know there was the Zap2It service but I think they discontinued offering that for free. I'd appreciate any info. Thanks!
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    Getting a 75e in the US / using 75e LNB?

    Hey all, I have two questions, and would like your advice/suggestions: 1. Anyone know of, or have any 75e quad's in the US they're looking to sell? I need at least one, but would be interested in buying 3 or 4. I am not interested in using a broker and the shipping from Canada is a killer...
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    You guys rock, thanks for the SC help!

    Hi all, Just wanted to say thanks to all of you who took the time to help me with my SC questions! I got the 75e working, the channels come in quite clearly! Couldn't have done it without your help! :)
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    Help aiming SC; 75e

    Hi all, I'm in Dallas/TX area and I ended up getting a 75e (quad), with a DSR530. I'm having some issues aiming, and would appreciate suggestions. I tune to 299, and use opt 6,4,3,1; enter 4128 for EMM and I get A4 with signal strength ~74 after dish massaging. But, 299 shows me no...
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    SC for DFW/Texas; Dish options

    Hi, I want to get StarChoice setup in Dallas/TX. I have a DSR530 (activated, etc) and want to get HD and be able to record/watch at the same time (i.e. dual feeds). If anyone has the 75e QuadLNB dish to sell (if you're in the US) please contact me directly. I also very much welcome advice...