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    C-Band Remote

    Has anyone got a old remote control kicking around for a GI 2650r c-band receiver,or know where I could get one..will any other remote work with this model?? thanks.
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    GEOSATpro HDVR 3500 Manual Pid entry

    Trying to figure out how to manually enter video and audio pids into this receiver..would like to enter the pids for Movies on the manual,but seems incorrect..hopefully AVsatellite or someone with this receiver could help me..would be appreciated Thanks.
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    EMP Centauri 4x1 Diseqc 2.0 Switch and MicroHD

    Trying this switch on my MicroHD...Doesn't seem compatable with the MicroHD..won't work with 1.0..haven't tried the 1.1,but I would think it should work with the 1.0 setting..don't see any 2.0 setting in the I put the old switch back in and it works great..Is it possible for the...
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    Starchoice 75e and xku LNB

    Just acquired a Starchoice dish 75e..but no lnb.Willa new xku lnb work for fta??? Thanks
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    APTN Anik 107

    Is it gone or has it moved to another TP..anyone know??? Thanks
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    Anyone having trouble to get this channel in??? Micro not working with the new symbol rate..thanks.
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    GEOSATpro microHD and Standby Mode..LNB

    If Brian is around or someone with this knowledge could answer this question..In standby mode,does the MicroHD still supply power to the lnb( Ku band)..I usually shut it off for the nite and leave it on standby..
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    GEOSATpro microHD Satellite Update Problem

    I'm having a problem updating to 0.16..its showing(on Tp 12115)..H/W version 0.1 and S/W version 0.1.0..and not the new 0.16..Does the uplink have the info yet??? Thanks.
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    GEOSATpro Update via Satellite

    Doesn't appear to work..all the other times it worked just fine..all it says is "Notice:collecting update file information" and with a "STOP" in the middle of the screen???
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    AMC-8 ..Gone??

    Was going to listening to some radio stations..seemed to be gone,along with the TV stations??? can someone check please..might be my end..
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    I seem to have lost the video on RFD-TV with the OK..and doesn't say encrypted.anyone else having this issue??? Thanks
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    AMC15 problem

    Trying to get this sat and having a heck of a time..are the data xponders still active? 11856 V 3548 or 12175 H 17780 ..Thanks.
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    PBS C-Band Schedule??

    I can't find the sched. for the C Band feed on AMC 1...probably somewhere on the forum,but just can't locate it...for westcoast Canada..thanks....
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    KDEV Anik F3 Audio

    Lost audio..anyone else???
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    Echostar srd 5000

    Anyone know where I can get a manual for a Echostar SRD 5000 analog C-Band receiver??Just picked up one these,but has no manual..Thanks...
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    2 lnb's and 1 dish Help

    Currently watching G-19.. 97Deg.with a 30 in. dish Ku..I want to add a second lnb to this dish to get SES 1 at 101deg..Looking at the dish and lnb from the front ,which side of the 97Deg.lnb to I place the new lnb to get SES1..on the left or right?? I'm in Western Canada ( B.C.) Long is...
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    Ku Setup Question

    Setting up a 80cm for longitude is 119 Deg.,so I would like to use Anik F3 for my true south satellite..I am using a DMX522u linear lnb to do this..will this lnb work to get any tp.on that sat?? if not,what sat could I use?? possibly G-18??? Thanks.
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    Galaxy 27 where's it heading to

    seen on Lyngsat its headed east..anyone now where to???
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    Art Bell Coast to Coast

    Does anyone know if Bell or Noory is on satellite?? I think they use to be on c-band AMC-3 87w tp18 at one time..thought it might be uplinked on another bird somewhere..Thanks.
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    Pansat 9200 - Alaska North 360 ac3 audio

    This is the only channel I can't get ac3 audio on ..Pansat doesn't have a 5 digit manual entry for audio my CS 5K..Any ideas ..Thanks.