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    Locast randomly changing cities

    Anybody else have this issue? Yesterday morning turned on tv and NYC locals had switched to Philly, then afternoon Indy, last night Atlanta. This morning back to NYC then Philly again afternoon. Nothing was touched. Thanks
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    absolute ass disparaging you Scott

    First of all I am Canadian with US property. Yesterday I got another unsolicited text from some guy selling dish to Canada supposedly. I want to sell my hopper system so decided to text back. Hoping to sell it. Rude jack a. Claims I am a dealer. Not. Keeps going on how he’s in FLA with Ny phone...
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    En Vevo (channel 152) on dish

    Can someone confirm or deny that this channel is part of the Sirius lineup on Dish. We have Flex pack on 211k receiver and would add it for $6.. I get this channel on my car sub. Thanks
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    OK Dirt please respond...

    We had a receiver disconecetted for a few weeks due to construction. When I got on the phone with the number listed on the screen (**3474) the guy started to hammer me with a DTV sales pitch. This is a number listed on my Dish screen when having technicial difficulty. WTF? Sorry but we just...
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    Does anyone know the new Sirius lineup on Dish after May 9?

    Did a search and could not find out any information about channel changes on Dish when Sirius changes them on May 9. Anyone have success in finding that info?" Thanks Steve
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    What is going on - were you hacked?

    I came to the main page and under "recent threads" say the title "I'm back....and an announcement to the FTA folks". I clicked on it and our work software blocked the redirect to another page - it was so quick that I could not copy the re-direct down. Went to the FTA forum and did not see the...
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    Is this normal for a 211K? Delete timer requires reboot.

    My 1 TB EHD is starting to get full so I decided to delete some timers that recorded everything. Everytime I deleted one it went through the reboot process. This is a pain when trying to delete multiple timers, if this is the norm. Thanks Steve
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    Solar flare affecting Anik F2

    About 6:30 AM EDT F2 was practically knocked out by a massive solar flare. Shaw channels affected are the French and most HD. Telesat says it will take about 12 to 18 hours to correct the problem. Satboyz
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    WNGS/WBBZ on 61.5 and 129

    Recently looked in the guide and saw a bunch if stuff that I wanted to watch finally now that it has ME affiliation(reminded me of RTN/V of old). No signal until I figured out the receiver was trying to tune it in on the notorious SB13 that is very hard to get in my area (thanks to The List). My...
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    Will 211k ever support >1GB EHD?

    With the cost of a 2GB EHD under $100 and me making the mistake of telling my wife how to use the DVR, I really want to use a large EHD. It is hard to switch out in the entertainment on a regular basis. Just wondering if anyone has heard about a receiver update. Thanks Steve
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    Can not drop locals from package?

    Pardon me if this has been discussed before but I could not find it doing a search. Currently have Buffalo locals in our package (that are almost impossible to receive in HD - as mentioned in other threads) and I would like to drop them. When I log in to my account there is no option to drop...
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    The List! is not working...

    I click on it when in several different forums and get: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ';' in /usr/home/satellit/public_html/thelist/count.php on line 16 Thanks Steve
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    211 gone completely stupid...

    was watching 169 nickjr with our 2 year old yesterday when I changed it to spike 168. The receiver flashed the picture then rebooted for no reason. I left it check sateliite and load guide data then it did the same thing again. Changed it back to nick and it was fine. Tried espn 140 and it...
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    Google ads -> hacking website

    Just to let you know, I came to this site this morning after clearing the browser cache and was not logged on. Front banner advertised a hacking website that you may want to block. It was for an IKS key sharing site that I do not want to advertize. Take Care Steve
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    Default account PIN ?

    I just logged onto my account and it says that I need to reset a 4 digit PIN to talk on the phone to a CSR. It wants to know the current one and a new one. Thing is, I don't recall setting one up ever. I tried all kinds of combinations for the current one, but no luck. Is there some kind of...
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    OK bought a motor - now more questions...

    First off - thanks to everyone in this forum for answering all of my newbie questions. Just bought a sg2100 motor for my currently stationairy dish (on AMC9). Using a Viewsat Extreme that does not seem to have up to date satellites listed in memory so I was going to manually set them with...
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    Can this be done? 61.5/72.5/110/119

    As I mentioned before in another thread , I would like to get the new HD channels on 72.5, I guess. Buffalo HD locals are on 61.5 and the signal level is horrible so I do think I want to keep my 20" dish and not go to a 1000.4. I have to sometimes switch to sd locals on 110 (I currently have a...
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    2-Dish 500's for 61.5,72,110,119??

    I am trying to get 72 without having to buy more equipment. Currently have a dish 500 (DP quad) on 110/119 and a dish 300 (dp Dual) on 61.5(for hd locals) connected to two DP21 switches for 2 VIP receviers. Can I replace the 61.5 with another dish 500 my dad is not using for 61.5/72 and still...
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    I'm Hooked! So what do the numbers mean?

    On the weekend, some fine people here helped me find and lock onto RTV. Now the obsesive compulsive comes out and I have to know how everything works. I have googled the DVB-s standard and they mostly mention the history of the standard and not what it all means. Specifically, I want to...
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    Newbie needs alot of help please!

    I was given a viewsat extreme by a friend who gave up hacking. It had hacked software on it and I found factory software (on a hacking site no less - google directed me there). Have been trying to get rtv on a 33" dish without any success. I thought I hit something yesterday afternoon and did a...