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    Dish Network: Distant Networks

    While we have reached reasonable settlements with hundreds of stations over the years, a small group of broadcasters continues to stonewall – to the detriment of our customers. A recent court decision clearly favors the self-interests of these broadcasters over protecting the rights of hundreds...
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    Wyckoff, NJ Grants Fios TV Approval

    Saw this in the local Suburban news. It's past operation hours for their phone lines, so we'll see what they have to say tommorow, unless there is a verizon insider here :).
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    Best Picture for 8300HD Question

    Thanks for the heads up :).. BTW, where the heck is your avatar from? heh
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    Best Picture for 8300HD Question

    Down Stairs, we have a Panasonic TH42px50 with a DVI and HDMI connection. We just got the box after months of cablecard annoyances... but what's the best way to hook it up so we get a picture that's equal to the cablecard? Same goes for my ATI X1900 All in Wonder upstairs, where there is...
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    Would Ala CArt really be so bad? + Broadcast Basic..

    I've been wondering something. Out of the 700+ Digital Cable channels now, how many do you really watch regularly? Myself, 2-13 are a must. HBO Digital, GameShow Network, Weather Channel, Discovery HD, LEarning Channel, Travel Channel., Cartoon Network, and TV Land...that's about it and...
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    Last CV Price increase?

    I was wondering something... When was the last time CV increased their prices/fees ? If memory serves, I haven't seen one in the last month or two....wich is good :). But if I'm right, it may have stopped around the time Verizon had the bill on the Senate Floor :).
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    Question about Box subscriptions..

    We have two locations, North Bergan, Jersey Shore. At the Shore, we have a DVR Box. Now, if I move that box up north, it'll still work DVR wise, right? Both are under the same Billing info, but different addresses...but one is under one parents name, the bill up here, the other.. I don't...
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    'Futurama' May Have a Future

    Sucks to Cartoon Network for not getting these new shows. I wonder how that happened?
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    Any VBulliten Syle/Theme makers here?

    I was already set to go with one style maker, but he only accepted money via western union, money order, and netteller. No Paypal whatsover. As if Western Union wasn't a red flag, his email kept on bouncing....But since he did give me an email and a phone number/name, I didn't think that was...
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    Verizon Bill Passes NJ Senate..

    According to News12NJ, Corzine isn't sure he wants to sign the bill into law. Why not, when it will get him more votes :)?
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    Verizon Bill Passes NJ Senate..

    Wow, that's not bad at all. One of the reasons why I'm so interested in this, is the Network DVR they have proposed. I'm still not quite sure how it works... but if it'll let me access recorded shows from our Jersey Shore computer using our home account( I don't care about live TV), that'd be...
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    Verizon Bill Passes NJ Senate..

    Saw this over at It passed by a wide margin, with only 5 against it. Now it goes on to the govenor to sign into law. Anyone have any idea when that will be? The longer that takes, the longer those three months go by that we'll h ave to wait for service to be activated :)...
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    Cable Box plus Hard Drive?

    OK folks, question.... I think the best solution for T V down the Shore is a Cablebox, DVR, and an external hard drive.. Now, here's what I want to do, and you tell me if this is possible... Setup the Cablevision IO box downstairs on the main TV. Setup DVR to record my favorite...
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    Evil Gadget Sale Book, Gadget Questions :)

    I wound of buying the 880 model for $190 at Amazon. Couldn't be happier, although I can't figure out for the life of me how to move different menu items up a screen on the remote. I tried the configuration thing on the walkthrough web setup, but nothing...
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    Blue-Ray Recorders, 2nd Gen?

    Hey all, Apparently the first Blue Ray recorders are being released now, at a price tag of $899. At 50Gb's per $10 or so disk, this is a steal for data storage....but not only is the speed slow for first generation, I can't really justify 900 right now to buy one, when I just know a faster...
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    Could CV be losing customers?

    Hmm, When we went to pick up the box for home, they said they could give it to us for 3 months..after that, we need to get a subscription...It worked out for home, because we where paying close to 60$'s anyway...
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    Could CV be losing customers?

    With all this nonsense about forcing people to switch to an IO s ubscription to receive favorite/popular channels like Soap, Speed, and GSN, could Cablevision be forcing people away to Dish, or when it becomes available, FIOS TV? I know that even though I'll have to use a box with FIOS TV...
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    DVR Networking Starts 5/28?

    Oooohhhhh... Sigh, why does all the cool stuff always have to be 4-5 months away? It's a conspiracy, I tells ya :).. I can't wait to hear the first reviews of this NDVR..
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    Evil Gadget Sale Book, Gadget Questions :)

    OK thanks ;) Now, assuming I sign up for the Tivo series, how much is basic service? Also, how easy is it to transfer to DVD?
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    DVR Networking Starts 5/28?

    Can someone explain what DVR Networking is? I have a general idea, but I'm usually wrong about these things, and the term intrigues me :devil: