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  1. jself1982

    Signal/Receiver Help??

    Hello Here is my setup, Eastern Arc Dish, with 722k, TV1 is living room tv, and TV2 is the bedroom tv. While watching Survivor, on CBS, from the 61.5 dish location, the box said "Acquiring Signal" and the 722k shut itself off and restarted. When it restarted it came up to the "Acquring...
  2. jself1982

    Upgrade confusion, can someone help?

    Hi, Here's a situation that I can't get Dish Network to help with, so I know you guys (and girls) always helps me faster than Dish Network. Here is the setup: Currently, 6 TV's, each TV has a Dish 301 (I think), connected-currently 6 sd receivers. It takes 2 Dish Network Dishes on the same...
  3. jself1982

    4dtv maps

    Hi all I'm looking for a set of maps for a DSR922, A4 firmware, that has all the Anik birds setup to receive freeview shaw direct. Any help is appreciated!
  4. jself1982

    Help with 622, or is it a clunker?

    I have an owned 622, not leased. As of the other night, when it powered down to do its nightly upgrades or so forth, it now will power up, fan will come on for a second or two, nothing shows up on the tv screen. I have unplugged, hard rebooted, held power button in, and it still does the same...
  5. jself1982

    sathawk help

    Just purchased, received my sathawk from Sadoun. Fine. Im very smart with receivers but this one is aggrivating me to death and back! I bought the receiver primarily for, and only for, the radio channels on AMC 8, preferrably the AAC radio channels. I got the receiver all set up, scanned AMC 8...
  6. jself1982

    Programming help?

    Ok, so here is my small dilemma--and of course, I can't get a single CSR on the phone or online to answer my question without telling me to go on a contract for 24 months. They are useless but you all are not, so here goes... This Saturday, I am getting UVerse installed. I just simply...
  7. jself1982

    622 and OTA Tuner

    So my 622 for the past 2 days has been losing the OTA channels as if the OTA tuner may be going bad or something. The only OTA channels that work is the PBS that is on the VHF side, the other digitals are UHF in my area. I have rebooted, unplugged, and tried everything under the sun to get...
  8. jself1982

    BEV/Star Choice question

    I think a power surge may have messed up my DSR 315 today. I am so angry at Star Choices customer service. I do not go through a broker I have a canadian address to use. My question, is Bell as easy to call up and activate as star choice is? Or does Bell somehow verify that you are really in...
  9. jself1982

    Galaxy 26/25 activity

    Is there anything at 93 degrees since the moved Galaxy 25 over there? Haven't seen anything lately there but didn't know if there was some testing going on?!?
  10. jself1982

    Smart Card Message Issue

    Today on my 622, not my other boxes, just the 622. I get this annoying message at 5 mins. after the top of the hour, every hour that tells me my smart card is expired to call a number, the number takes me to dish cust. serv. where the csr doesn't have a clue. I haven't got my new cards yet...
  11. jself1982

    Cartoon Network HD showing OFFAIR

    Why does my guide say OFF AIR for Cartoon Network HD, been that way for quite sometime now.
  12. jself1982

    Starchoice setup help

    I need the elevation, skew, and az. for zip code 29642 for a 75e star choice dish, but I am not using it for HD so the stats for 107.3 should work. Thanks
  13. jself1982

    LNB question

    Can your LNB's on your feedhorn get too cold and interfere with reception? Everynight here we have been dropping down to about 30 degrees and at 4:15am I watch a digital feed on E2, however the feed is so choppy and pixelated that you can't see or hear it. I have moved the dish around and all...
  14. jself1982

    Billing help

    I have noticed that I have "Addition Receiver Access Fee" of $7.00 for both of my 211's on my bill. It seems that I have always overlooked this but I am curious, I own my receivers outright, do I still get charged this ridiculous fee or is this fee for someone who leases the receivers? Keep...
  15. jself1982

    External Hard Drive Question

    Ok, I have fought and fought with trying to find out how to do something about this but here goes. On my Seagate 500 GB External Drive, how do I keep it from falling into sleep mode after a few minutes? When it does this, I have to get up, disconnect the power from the HD and let it...
  16. jself1982

    WWE Wrestlemania HD not showing in guide

    It says when I go to the order screen for WWE HD Sunday 3/30 that it will show on ch 539/9467 however, when you go to Sunday to set up a timer on dvr, WWE HD Wrestlemania is not showing up in the guide, the guide has movies listed. Can someone help? I want to order it but need to DVR-it...
  17. jself1982

    TBN G5-3 Has left Analog

    But if you have a FTA box, you can receive it on G5 via DVB.
  18. jself1982

    Simple questions about Directv?

    1. Is it easy to *move* like it is on Dish Network? 2. Do they offer a MPEG4 Tivo HD DVR? 3. Do you have to have a contract to sign-up? 4. If you have the sports pack, do you get the HD versions of the 24/7 regional sports networks? Thanks.
  19. jself1982

    Dec. 18th-Teletoon Retro ch 536 on StarChoice

    Here is a message on the website, 'Teletoon Retro' added to English and Bilingual Essentials Starting December 18, 2007, Star Choice is offering its subscribers a nostalgic throwback to timeless cartoons with the launch of Teletoon Retro (ch. 536). This new channel delivers...
  20. jself1982

    C3 606 & c3 607 HGTV and Great American Country

    4dtv has two new master feeds mapped into the system. They are on C3 (AMC 11), Great American Country C3-606, HGTV East C3-607, both of these channels were previously only available on X4 (Galaxy 16 Ku) but it seems they have been mapped in. I am currently receiving both channels because I...