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  1. Mojo Jojo

    Song Name Game Part 3!

    Never Say Never - The Fray
  2. Mojo Jojo

    Is Dish planning on more HD channels, like Oxygen?

    I think you can watch it through the Oxygen app in HD with your Dish subscription. I can watch it in HD through the Oxygen app on Roku with the Welcome Pack. It may not be ideal but a possibility.
  3. Mojo Jojo

    2020 Dish Price Increase. ?

    Actually (and surprisingly after asking numerous times over the years), a little while back I noticed that you can add the $10 Latino Bonus Pack now to the Welcome Pack. However, I did not add it (at least not yet); I also have Philo.
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    Hallmark Missing

    With Dish, I get Hallmark with the Welcome Pack; I get Hallmark Movies & Mysteries with the Welcome Pack or Dish Movie Pack. I do not get Hallmark Drama with Dish as it is in America's Top 200 or the Heartland Package (along with Hallmark and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries if you have an America's...
  5. Mojo Jojo

    A message to Orby

    We have satellite, too. Had cable for a while then DirectTV once local channels were added and now Dish for over a decade....started out with AT250 then Latino Dos w/Encore and now Welcome Pack with Dish Movie Pack...
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    A message to Orby

    For $20 a month, along with about 57 other channels, I get the Science Channel and Motor Trend with Philo (if you have good Internet in your area).
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    What Channels Are Not Available With The Flex Pack?

    Your question stayed on my mind for the rest of the day. I think I have a better answer to the general question. Here is a channel lineup card with the main America's Top packs and the Flex Pack: Here is a channel lineup...
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    What Channels Are Not Available With The Flex Pack?

    Also, Channel 9605 shows the channels available in Flex Pack, and channel 9606 shows the Channel Packs available. The Dish site also has information here: Request Rejected
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    What Channels Are Not Available With The Flex Pack?

    Science Channel is in Smart Pack. However, it is listed as no longer for sale. FMI: Request Rejected I believe it is in free preview right now as I am catching it with the Welcome Pack. I would suggest what we do if you have high speed Internet available in your area.. We have the Welcome Pack...
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    Cheapest DISH Package with Buzzr and Game Show Network

    I do not know if one can get Dish America. I believe it has all three channels: DISH America | English Programming | MyDISH | DISH Customer Support I think it is $52.99. 2019 Programming Rates | MyDISH | DISH Customer Support May be worth asking about. Sometimes a CSR can add those "Packages No...
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    Need a recommend for my parents

    Glad that met their must-haves. I totally missed that part of the thread. XD Sorry I was a little late in replying; I do not visit the site as often as I used to as not as much seems to happen with Dish lately.
  12. Mojo Jojo

    Need a recommend for my parents

    America's Top 120 Plus would save them $10/month and would include the "must-haves." However, there are quite a bit of channels they would lose from the Top 200, and I would ensure that they do not watch those a lot. I know when we used to have Dish Latino Dos, we would get the regional sports...
  13. Mojo Jojo

    Cheapest way........

    I think and hope I have the answer to the cheapest solution: Chinese Basic w/o Locals + Heartland Package + Mandarin: Great Wall TV (since it is required unless you can find a way around it or add another international package you may like that would be allowed in the combo) for $35.99/month...
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    Flex vs. Welcome Pack

    Have you tried Philo? It has Science Channel for $16/month with other channels (or $20/month if you want additional channels). We got it for ID because we did not want to so much more for it while keeping our Welcome Pack with Dish for locals, Boomerang, etc. FMI (with my referral code RQJ6WSM...
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    Flex vs. Welcome Pack

    No $12 locals fee with Welcome Pack. It has TBS and Comedy Central but no Syfy.
  16. Mojo Jojo

    Smart Pack

    We actually have Welcome Pack (for locals, Boomerang, $10 HBO (which is sadly going away), and Dish Movie Pack), and I decided to try out Philo for ID since it seemed like the cheapest way to view ID. It also includes ID for TV Everywhere, but I am sure Dish also does the same. I also DVR some...
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    playboy in espanol for 9 bucks for welcome pack users?

    I wanted to add the Dish Latino Bonus Pack for Welcome Pack for Sirius XM, the Dish CD Audio channels (not as much as the Sirius XM), and Disney XD. It seems one still cannot add that pack or the Sirius XM pack, but you can add this. LOL XD Oh, well. I am not 100% sure, but I think one was able...
  18. Mojo Jojo

    ME TV On Dish

    How sad that the subchannels are not in the lower packs as they are available in some markets OTA. I know it is possible for us to get Me TV OTA, but I have to adjust the inside antenna frequently to do so. I guess we would need a "better" indoor antenna or maybe an outside one or one of those...
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    Is Dish dropping Epix channels?

    We decided to continue Dish Movie Pack at the regular rate of $10/month. We thought about dropping it. However, think of it this way: Epix a la carte is $7. $10 - $7 = $3/month for the additional channels in the Dish Movie Pack, or if you get both without the grandfathering, $10 Dish Movie Pack...
  20. Mojo Jojo

    HD feeds being added to Welcome Pack!

    Our $5 promo Dish Movie Pack which we had a few times automatically continued to the $10 regular price Dish Movie Pack. So far we still have the Epix channels.