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  1. waltinvt

    Glitch while upgrading HD receiver to HD-DVR in whole home

    6 TV locations. Whole home with one Genie 44 & 3 mini clients + one HD-DVR + one regular HD reciever. Total of 8 tuners I believe. I ordered an upgrade of the regular HD receiver up to an HD-DVR for $99.00 They arrived yesterday and all was going well until during authorization it wouldn't...
  2. waltinvt

    Do all new "D" customers go through this?

    This all started back when I posted this thread: , so I won't re-hash all that. In a nutshell, I called DirectV in early June and signed on for whole house DVR with 6 TV locations. They charged me $234 and shipped...
  3. waltinvt

    How long after ordering before install?

    I signed up for "D" last Thursday June 13 and received the equipment yesterday (Monday the 17th). I still have not even been contacted by an installer. Is this normal?
  4. waltinvt

    Yeah I know it's been a while

    So I was with Dish for over ten years and hung out in their forum the whole time (thus the over 3000 posts). When I quit them for cable a few years back, it was also around the time Scott removed the Pit (which I see has returned) and I didn't hang around SatGuys much. Anywho, after a few years...
  5. waltinvt

    How to convert HDD from Dish 622 for video storage

    I took the HDD out of my old Dish 622 DVR and want to use it as an external storage device for a TiVo Premiere. Its a 320Gb Western Digital SATA. I put it into a Drive Master 3.5 case and connected it to my computer's USB but Windows XP Dish Management doesn't recognize it nor give me any...
  6. waltinvt

    How does SA8300HD compare to the Moxi ?

    I don't know what the model number is for the Moxi HD DVR that Charter uses but can anyone provide a comparison of the two units. Things like PQ, ease of use, the EPG, recording & DVR features (or faults), external HDD, etc? Thanks.
  7. waltinvt

    Can more USB ports be added to PS3

    I was curious if I can 2 more usb ports to our PS3 (it only has 2)? We now use 2 Logitech wireless controllers which each require a receiver module in the USB port and I want to add 2 more. I know I could use the Sony controllers (without needing a usb) but our original is broken and I don't...
  8. waltinvt

    I finally dropped Dish and they even have to aggravate me on the way out.

    Without going into my whole 10+ year history with Dish that led me to this point (many of you vets have endured my complaints too many times:)), I just wanted to announce that I have finally left Dish Network after having been an AEP + all HD customer most of my tenure. Through all my...
  9. waltinvt

    Does Charter activate ext HDD in SA8300HD?

    I can't get a straight answer from customer service. I know the receiver has a SATA port for an external HDD but I don't know if I can use it, if they have to activate it or if I can somehow activate it myself. Besides being able to add additional storage, I'd like to be able to transfer...
  10. waltinvt

    My every so often dumb computer question

    Probably a silly question but I try to subject myself to a dose of humiliation every so often. @font-face { font-family: Cambria Math; } @font-face { font-family: Old English Text MT; } @page Section1 {size: 8.5in 11.0in; margin: 1.0in 1.0in 1.0in 1.0in; mso-header-margin: .5in...
  11. waltinvt

    Cheapest way to get just HD LiLs and as little else as possible.

    With Dish's latest programming combination schemes, what's the cheapest way to keep HD LiLs, at least one 622 but as little else as possible? For 10 years I've put most of my TV $$s into Dish, w/ AEP + HD + LiLs + SS and supplemented a little with cable but now I'm seriously thinking of...
  12. waltinvt

    A Dish oversight, intended confusion or deception - you decide.

    I'm still trying to get a reasonable explanation regarding the Fox News HD feed Dish now carries and why those with even the BEST HD package can't get it. While waiting for an answer from ceoechostar, I offer this. As I see it, it's indisputable that Dish's new programming packaging is at...
  13. waltinvt

    Does Dish Network show media bias in programming packages?

    Whether intentional or not and as long as both are carried by Dish Network, for them to restrict the availability of the HD feed of one major 24/7 news channel from the same programming venue where another exists amounts to media discrimination, plain and simple. CNN-HD should be equally...
  14. waltinvt

    Is there extra cost to add ext HDD to SA8300HD?

    I know some companies charge extra or a one time fee to attach external HDDs to their HD DVRs. I called my local Charter and they didn't have a clue. Neither could I find a thread here that says much about the procedure for adding one to my SA8300HD receiver. Side question: Is this unit their...
  15. waltinvt

    Dish hypocrisy sinks to new low - Do they think we're all stupid!

    How else can one react to the fact that a few days ago I get my bill which included the "2009 Programming And Pricing Changes" leaflet along with my particular price increase. Today I get their emailed newsletter which includes the following: "DISH Network is still proud to offer our lowest...
  16. waltinvt

    Does Charter carry "Speed HD" anywhere?

    Charter has recently added more HD in Vt and was wondering if Speed HD was even in the works.
  17. waltinvt

    Anyone use the Logitech controller for the PS3?

    I was a great controller until the analog sticks started screwing up. Just wondered if anyone else having similar problems and decide if I should exchange it or just get a refund. I was $29 which is like half of the Sony DS. Other question is the USP pod that comes with it - is that just for...
  18. waltinvt

    Well it's 2009 - How about a poll of "E"'s credibility?

    Not sure if I even remember how to create a poll but I'll try. I'd be interested to know how many think Dish fell short of their expectations the last quarter of 2008 considering what they had been hinting and implying would happen regarding national HD.
  19. waltinvt

    Charter's QAM numerical designations

    I got a new Sony Bravia LCD earlier this year and am able to pick up quite a few HD channels in the clear with it's QAM tuner by running the coax out of the cable box to my TV. However there doesn't seem to be any logical pattern to where these channels show up on the tuner. Is there any way...
  20. waltinvt

    How to reformat 508 HDD for Windows

    I finally decided I'd never reuse my old 508 receiver, so I removed it's HDD. It's am 80GB Seagate. I installed it in a Drive Master external interface and connected it to my computer's usb port with the intention of re-formatting it but my Windows XP computer won't recognize it. What do I...