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  1. bluecraze3

    Sat Buddy Question

    A regular Sat Buddy can be powered itself by the IRD, so the IRD can power the Sat Buddy and the LNB. With a Super, the IRD will help power the LNB, but not the meter.
  2. bluecraze3

    MFH3 Expertise Needed

    I am very curious if a few good techs out there could go into a little more detail with the way an MFH3 system is set up. I have the basics down and am looking for a little more insight.
  3. bluecraze3

    Dish Pricing Update

    This makes sense though. Dish had tried grabbing new customers with their $19.99 pricing forever. They are still trying to make their HD package comparable to Direct, but the only way they could appeal to the masses was to keep low prices. Plus, they lost their tie in with ATT, so they have to...
  4. bluecraze3

    Iphone App from Dishpointer

    Has anyone played with the new Iphone App release by dishpointer I believe. It is truly great, almost eliminates the need for an inclinometer. Here is the YouTube video showing the new app: YouTube - DishPointer Augmented Reality (iPhone Satellite Finder)
  5. bluecraze3

    Looking to get signal meter/finder

    Super Buddies are always great, but too pricy if this is just a hobby situation. You could try finding a used Sat Buddy. They are fairly inexpensive and very reliable. You could probably pick one up on craigslist.
  6. bluecraze3

    Losing satellite signal at night

    Replacing the DP Twin+ would be your best bet. After that I would check to see what changes in the environment at night. It could be something your overloooking. I have a customer lose signal when it got dark for months. She would lose service from about 6-9pm. We eventually figured out it was...