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  1. Gregg Loewen

    Deals for long term customers?

    Hi Ive been a customer of DTV for more than 15 years. Are there any deals (especially with Covid) for continued service. I called and was told they would take $30 a month off for 12 months. They also want $99 per receiver to upgrade to 4K. Any thoughts ? TIA Gregg
  2. Gregg Loewen

    DTV Customer Service ??

    hi guys I am tired of the BS... Is there an office of the president or VIP support or anything like that to assist ? TIA. Gregg Loewen
  3. Gregg Loewen

    Dish anywhere app not working. help ?

    hi guys! So my Dish Anywhere will work on my phone when on 4G and when I connect to my home's wireless network. (all is good with this). It will not connect when using my laptop and the same wireless home network. It will not connect when use my PC and the same router via ethernet cable. I...
  4. Gregg Loewen

    Hopper 3 Hard Drive - help !

    hi guys I had a hopper 2, with an external hard drive, and a bunch of recorded content. I upgraded to the hopper 3, and originally all was good with the external drive (except that it would turn off and I would have to unplug the drive to get it to be recognized by the hopper3). Anyways...I did...
  5. Gregg Loewen

    I have 2 hoppers, both with external HDs.

    2 questions: Should I be able to access both external HDs from both hoppers (currently I can not) ? How do you transfer a program from the internal hard drive to the external hard drive ? thanks in advance. Gregg
  6. Gregg Loewen

    Help with Sling player and DTV. My remote no longer functions (and is grayed out).

    Hi I have been out of country for the month of June and now I find that my sling player on both my desktop PC and my laptop PC have no DTV remotes accessible. I tried to re run the setup program and did not get any better results. I have deleted Slingplayer from my laptop and then ran the...
  7. Gregg Loewen

    Dish Network Frustration and Bricked 622 Boot 981.

    hi guys thought I would do a quick post. My 622 unit is showing a boot 981 error so I decided to call Dish for replacement and while calling I decided to discuss my monthly bill. Ive been a customer for more than 10 years. I am currently paying $162 per month which I thought was quite high...
  8. Gregg Loewen

    Pioneer Elite Pro-FPJ1 1080p Front Projector $2950

    hi guys I was able to secure a few of these projectors from Pioneer. This PJ retails for $9000. I will be including an in home THX Video Calibration with each purchase. Please note that the fee for the THX Video Calibration is $550 (if purchased separately). Pricing is $2950 plus shipping...
  9. Gregg Loewen

    Free Ideal-Lume D65 Backlight with ISF Calibraton Booking

    Hi all! Lion AV is having its very first promotion EVER!! With every calibration booked ($275 and up) the client will receive a free Ideal Lume back light. A Back light is important to decrease eye strain, provide some ambient room light, and maintain color consistancy with the monitor...
  10. Gregg Loewen

    HD PVR, Increasing the Hard Drive

    hi guys!! This unit is awesome!! Is there a way to increase the hard drive? Options and opinions? thanks in advance, Gregg
  11. Gregg Loewen

    921 and EchoStar....will they work together?

    hi guys. I hope each of you had a great Christmas. While in Canada I noticed that Echostar offers 25 HD channels (with 4 being PPV). My questions are: 1. Will the 921 work with echostar. 2. Will Echostar authorize / support a 921? Thanks!! Gregg
  12. Gregg Loewen

    Private please

    Hi guys I can receive and read private messages but dont see a "reply to" button. Where is it...or how can I reply to a PM, thanks Gregg
  13. Gregg Loewen

    Starband, Legacy Dishnetwork, and SupDish Installation Integration Assistance please

    Hi guys I had the Dish guys come out for a 2nd time today. Again they were not able to install the Superdish to enable local station reception. They are going to come again on Wednesday and said they will do "whatever is necessary" to get me up and running. What are your suggestions?? My...
  14. Gregg Loewen

    Voom pricing....ARGH!!!

    Hi Just to let you all know, I signed up for Voom in Oct. It was improperly installed in December and then corrected in January. I was billed $1312.48 in January, despite there being 2 discounts / promotions between Oct and Jan. The first was the decrease in the 2nd box to $199, the...
  15. Gregg Loewen

    Voom Signal Strength...Please post your #

    Hi guys My signal strength was first at at 23-25, and after a 2nd installer relocated the dish the SS went up to 45. I have been told that the #s are different than with Direct and Dish, and can verify that you lose the signal around 18-20 (which IS MUCH LOWER than Direct and Dish). What...
  16. Gregg Loewen

    RCA HD Tube Set / 921 combo

    This is a great set (but requires calibration to be optomized). Are you guys going to be selling the combo? Is this the February promotion??? Pricing is $1599?? Regards Gregg
  17. Gregg Loewen

    2 Questions, 1. Obtaining a user manual 2. Signal Strength?

    Hi guys 1. I did not receive a user manual when I had my initial install. Is there a site online where I can down load a copy? 2. The install company is returning today to re aim the dish. I originally had a signal strength of 23, which gave me an image. Within 20 minutes of the installer...