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  1. John Corn

    Indy Car tonight July 18th

    Im not a big race fan, but I really enjoyed Indy Car racing last night and the 2nd is tonight July 18th on NBC. Just a heads up!
  2. John Corn

    Looking for a cheap DVR solution

    Does dish have a reciever that is dual tuner, that I can use as a dvr to record to an external hard drive. I have to boys that need to share a reciever, but also would like the capability to record to an external hard drive without having to pay a DVR fee.
  3. John Corn

    Home Distribution Port

    I distribute a signal to a 2nd TV through my home distribution port, as of 4 days ago ive been waking up to no picture, im assuming after it goes into sleep mode or the 3am reboot it causing me to lose my picture on tv2 only. After waking it up by changing channels I get my sound back but still...
  4. John Corn

    Hole spacing in D*TV dish

    What is the hole spacing on a slimline swm dish, and whats the hole diameter?
  5. John Corn

    Losing guide on home distribtion plug?

    Losing guide on home distribution plug? I'm using a 2nd TV off the home distribution plug, every couple of days I have to reboot in order to get my guide and menu functions back, is anyone elese having this problem. My main TV off the HDMI pug is fine, I don't lose my guide there.
  6. John Corn

    Will this Linksys Powerline PLTK300 work with a 722?

    Just wondering if this will work with my 722? I have the chance to buy this thing used pretty cheap, so I though what the heck it might be time to hook my reciever, TV, and blu ray player up to my home network. From what I can tell it will work, here are the specs. Features Use your...
  7. John Corn

    Can I record UFC 92?

    I know if I can I can only view it for 24hrs right? because of DRM.
  8. John Corn

    Dish 1000 hole spacing

    I'm helping a friend mount a Dish and need to know the hole spacing of a dish 1000 and clearance hole diameter as well. I'm out at his cabin we have no internet acess at the moment other than my phone. We don't have the dish at the moment, we just decided to prepare a site for it. TIA
  9. John Corn

    Xbox 360 question

    Why the color change to black? Are they going to stick with black or make both colors now? Are they going to phase out the budget 360 and the 20 gig 360?
  10. John Corn

    ipod/itunes question

    I want to use my sons old ipod and put some of my favorites on it, but I can't figure out how to do it? Is there a way to take his music off and put mine on? I also just want to copy my songs on it, not his whole library of crap. :D The only way I can figure out how to do it is with...
  11. John Corn

    Angels prospects making noise in debuts

    After seeing MikeI and thinking of this.... I noticed this a couple of weeks ago, and it's good to say that a struggling Angels team is getting help from up and comers like kendry morales and a huge win from Jared Weaver (a better version than his brother) :)
  12. John Corn

    Antivirus Program suggestion

    This is on a family PC, one that my wife and kids use. I have Norton but I'm considering changing, Norton does seem to be a bit demanding on my PC. Any thoughts or input? Ones I'm considering are: Trend Micro PC Cillin Nod32 (Wasn't familiar with this one but seems to be popular) AVG...
  13. John Corn

    522/Pocket Dish

    Will the pocket dish work with a 522, or is it just a 625?
  14. John Corn

    HowardForums Hacked?

    Looks like it, I get redirected to a foreign site.
  15. John Corn

    IRL Driver Paul Dana Dies After Crash My condolences for Paul's family, friends, fans and fellow IRL drivers. I saw the wreck on Speed Tv and it's horrifying. While I may not watch the IRL, it's still heartbreaking to see and hear about someone loosing their life.
  16. John Corn

    A DirecTV Mpg4 DVR?

    When is D* expected to release there Mpg4 DVR?
  17. John Corn

    Looks like I might have to send my XBox 360 back?

    My son was playing it tonight and it won't read the game. If you put a game in or dvd it just says reading and doesn't do anything. :confused: I'm glad I paid for the service contract, saturday I'm going to call and see what we can do, but I got a feeling the drive is bad and it will have to...
  18. John Corn

    iPod battery question?

    Looks like my sons battery is getting weak on his 4th generation ipod. Anything I need to know about buying a battery and changing? Where is a good place to buy the battery from?
  19. John Corn

    2 XBox Live Accts?

    I have 2 XBox Live accts, are there any games both players can play at the sametime on a ranked server?
  20. John Corn

    An amazing young man

    Basically, there's a player from Colonel White here in Ohio who was born without legs, and yet he still plays football. He played a little last week (and had some tackles) and got in the game today on the punt team. However, the refs ruled that he wasn't eligable for the game because he wasn't...