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  1. scottie_h

    SD-DVR to HD-DVR upgrade

    I called a couple weeks ago to inquire about upgrading an R-15 to an HD-DVR. I was quoted $199 + shipping. Is that the going rate these days, or do I have any shots at better deals? I have 3 HD-DVRs already - not sure if that makes a difference or not (and I got two of those for free).
  2. scottie_h

    Satellite channel listing?

    Is there a list somewhere of what channels are on which satellite? I'm having all kinds of signal issues on ESPN-HD tonight, and want to make sure I'm looking at the right satellite for signal quality. At quick glance, nothing caught my eye on any of them. That would also allow me to check other...
  3. scottie_h

    Stimulous check

    Be sure to mail your return in a timely manner, because this year, filing taxpayers will receive an Economic Stimulus Payment. This is a very exciting new program that can be explained using the Q and A format: Q. What is an Economic Stimulus Payment? A. It is money that the federal...
  4. scottie_h

    Sunday Ticket Supercast issues?

    Has anyone tried watching the online Supercast? I just wanted to log in to check it out, but I'm getting an error saying: "We appologize as we are experiencing problems bringing you Supercast. Please check back in a few minutes." Anyone else have the same problem? Or is it working for...
  5. scottie_h

    HR10-250 'searching for satellite'

    I'll try to keep this short and sweet, but include enough detail to hopefully get some helpful feedback. I've been a D* subscriber for about 14 months. When I bought my original system (1 HD receiver, 1 SD Tivo, 2 'standard' receivers), I was told that I would need to upgrade to a 4x8...
  6. scottie_h

    Newbie - problems with HD channels

    I finally got my D* installed on Friday after the Voom shutdown, and am just gatting a chance to sit down to play around with the settings, channels, etc. However, I'm having issues getting a number of the HD channels - ESPN - 73 - Searching for satellite signal... (771) UHD - 74 - I am...
  7. scottie_h

    WHEN will Voom shut down?

    Sorry if I missed this information in another thread... Do we know yet just when service will be shut off? In saying "on April 30" does that mean at 12:01 am on Saturday, service will be shut off? Or will we have service all day Saturday, and it will be shut off Saturday night? I am...
  8. scottie_h

    Dish DVR

    Dish DVR vs. Tivo? (I edited the title to make it more specific than the original) We've had stand-alone Tivo for over a year. I'm seriously considering the 942/625 combo with Dish. Can anyone give a comparison between the Dish DVR and Tivo? What are the major differences? I'm sure...