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  1. Mapleleaf69

    Reelz And One World Sports Gone?

    REELZ is also on galaxy 13 horizons 1 at 127 degrees 3828 H 19750 5/6 8psk
  2. Mapleleaf69

    APTN Anik 107

    I just rescanned this sat and APTN appears to be gone.
  3. Mapleleaf69

    Is this GAY or just too bright?

    you should put some christmas lights on the dish. but just around the rim area. :rainbow
  4. Mapleleaf69

    AZBOX Official announcement and launch of AzBox United States

    This thread has been very entertaining but i think the title should of been called "As the azbox world turns".:popcorn carry on folks.....:coffee
  5. Mapleleaf69

    AZBOX azbox worthess on 87" just two channels

    im not familiar with azbox , but maybe try a different factory firmware or manual transponder entry.
  6. Mapleleaf69

    It's a shame, really.

    Well i tried again but not one channel scanned in. maybe its the tv as its older or the antenna im using or perhaps even all the trees around the house. thanks for the help none the less.
  7. Mapleleaf69

    It's a shame, really.

    Fta Cband will shine on for along time. i watch my cband tv channels daily as i cut the cord from my cable company. i cant see paying a $100 plus a month to watch the same program over and over.we also have netfliks, american and canadian versions. i would love to try to get ota channels but for...
  8. Mapleleaf69

    What's the best procedure to get tracking optimally again?

    go here and check out what lnbf's hyper has to offer.
  9. Mapleleaf69

    Luken KU feeds leaving soon?????

    Perhaps kevin should take a drive out into the country and go dish hunting. lots of old farmers still have buds in their yards. they may even give it away for free to to get rid of it. its worth a shot to try and get one.
  10. Mapleleaf69

    MeTV schedule changes coming

    thanks for the heads up iceberg but cant get antenna tv up here in southern ontario. well not with my crappy ota antenna.
  11. Mapleleaf69

    MeTV schedule changes coming

    id like to see archie bunker, all in the family come back. loved that show.
  12. Mapleleaf69

    RTV 87W move?

    im having the same issue but with out the tree limbs. yesterday i was topping out at around 44% and today it bounces from around the 54% to almost 70%. strange thing is i didnt make any further adjustments to my dish since yesterday.
  13. Mapleleaf69


    well since i use a c band and ku dish set up, i use an old anolog rceiver to drive the bud and the openbox to drive the ku dish. this way i can have the best of both worlds on one receiver. im not sure if a vbox will work and drive both bud and ku set up at the same time.
  14. Mapleleaf69

    what channels do you get on Galaxy 17

    all i can say is look around some back roads and try to score a free bud and you wont be dissapointed. i was once like you and didnt wanna spend alot of money to test the hobby out. but after many years of finding great channels and feeds id cash in my subs if the wife would let me.there is...
  15. Mapleleaf69

    Automated positioner systems

    why not just use an old anolog receiver to move the dish for rather well for me and my openbox s9.
  16. Mapleleaf69

    Anyone know type and size of this BUD?

    well it looks exactly like the bud i have in my yard. i just got a 6 ft'er unimesh dish but the guy didnt give me the having hard time finding a pole thats cheap.
  17. Mapleleaf69

    open box s9

    using a coax and running it another tv will not work. you have to use the proper cables and run them to a ac3 decoder box or surround sound system.
  18. Mapleleaf69

    How I made a C only BUD work on KU

    very nice work indeed but what sats are coming in and whats the signal like.
  19. Mapleleaf69

    Strong signal between 83W and 61W?

    whats the frequecy for the cw mux on 72w? ill give it a try and see if i can dial that in. i can hit the 55w and 58w but dont seem to hit anything else till im back at 83w.
  20. Mapleleaf69

    Strong signal between 83W and 61W?

    Give these transponders a try from my open box. 55.5 w 3760 H 2962 63% signal 58 w 3840 H 27690 70% signal now im pointing into a tree with no leaves and thats the best signal i can get without screwing up signal on my other sats.