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  1. allargon

    Who else found other means to subscribe to HBO and/or Cinemax? What service is it?

    You subscribe to Dish and another multichannel provider? Sent using Tapatalk
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    DTV calling it quits (more or less)

    That's not a surprise. AT&T has been trying to move people off U-verse to D* for years, as satellite services are cheaper to operate. However, they've since discovered that streaming services like DirectTV/AT&T Now are even cheaper to operate. So, they're trying to encourage people to move to...
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    WARNING: CBS All Access Prime Video channel not viewable on the Hopper 3

    Believe it or not, Amazon was just too lazy to write out the Dish Hopper, too.
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    WARNING: CBS All Access Prime Video channel not viewable on the Hopper 3

    So, normal Prime Video content works fine on the Hopper 3. Duh. But, adding a CBS All Access channel to your Prime Video (To watch "Picard," "The Good Fight," "The Twilight Zone," etc.) subscription comes with a nasty surprise. I found out the hard way when I tried to watch "Picard" today. The...
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    OTA signal came back after Hopper 3 reboot. Why?

    I've never had to do a full rescan. I just usually start a recording on the DVR then tune to another channel.
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    Amazon Echo Buds & Alexa & Hopper

    I've seen a few reviews on tech blogs about the buds. I thought the Bluetooth transmitter that could control the volume, etc. was your iPhone/Alexa app.
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    OTA signal came back after Hopper 3 reboot. Why?

    Everyone's OTA dongles aren't going bad all at once. I have a single-tuner. Others report the problem with dual-tuner modules. (Those have always had some sort of issue.) Everyone's also running it on the H3. What about the HWS and the original Hopper? There's likely a bad software update that...
  8. allargon

    OTA signal came back after Hopper 3 reboot. Why?

    The Amazon reviews on that device aren't too great. A few people said to consider a RCA unit from Wal-Mart instead. (I think they meant the DTA880R.) Thanks for the post though. I had no idea OTA DVRs (modified converter boxes) were so cheap and numerous these days.
  9. allargon

    OTA signal came back after Hopper 3 reboot. Why?

    I'm also unamplified, and I often have to restart my Hopper 3 even with its older single tuner model to resume OTA. Every few weeks the receiver will decide it doesn't want to see anything OTA. A restart fixes the issue. But, it's highly inconvenient to do so when I have recordings in progress...
  10. allargon

    Fox Blocks Millions of DISH Customers

    Ha. DirectTV cut off Austin's NBC station in a dispute with Nexstar. They're likely going to cut off the CBS station in a dispute with Sinclair. No provider seems immune except maybe Google. Even the IPTV multichannel providers favored by cord-cutters have had disputes.
  11. allargon

    ACC network

    E!, Hallmark, and both MTVs? You definitely have no women under 30 in your home.
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    ACC network

    Yup. We all know that. I just read that there will be FORTY regular season games on the ACC network this year. That's nuts. There are also a lot of FBS opponents vs. the usual creampuff games that air on the conference networks. Dish should offer to put Disney+, Hulu, and/or ESPN+ on the...
  13. allargon

    Hopper and Joey malfunction every day, spontaneous reboots and screen blanks

    After reading this, I now know I need to do some barrel swapping around my house this fall/winter (no unnecessary attic work right now).
  14. allargon

    Hulu is committing suicide!

    Not if they offer the same service at half the cost. Subscription fatigue is real. There are a LOT of people that would rather spend $15/mo for Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and Netflix vs $30/mo. Look at all the people here on SatelliteGuys that subscribe to the Flex and Welcome packs vs AE.
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    Netflix ???

    The Netflix app on the Hopper 3 doesn't do DD+ 5.1. It does on most other sources (e.g., the Xbox, FireTV, Roku, etc.).
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    Hulu is committing suicide!

    Strange. I've found Hulu to be the most value-conscious of the big 3 streamers. They don't have as much original content as Netflix or even Amazon. But, until Netflix and Amazon start showing ads (They will.), they're the least expensive. They don't play THAT many commercials. Moreover, for...
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    The OFFICIAL DISH / HBO Thread

    Did you watch "The Good Fight", as well?
  18. allargon


    Need Hulu for that, too. Hulu (with commercials) is the cheapest of the big 3 and arguably has the best movie selection. I also watch CBS All Access and DC Universe on occasion, but I know those are more niche. I would love 5.1, but I also like the fact that the Dish app is so out of date it...
  19. allargon

    Disney takes over Hulu.

    A few things. The linear channels from satellite have better PQ than streaming. I can't speak for cable. But, I can definitely say that the HBO linear feed from Dish looked better than HBO Go at the time and better than what HBO Now streams currently. For 1080i/p content, it's still...
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    Best EHD For the Hopper 3

    No, it wouldn't. The USB EHD doesn't record live streams. It's only for archiving. I would have to look at a drive again to remember the block size. It was one of those really funky old school configurations for 64-bit extended over 32-bit to go over the 2TB limit filesystem. It was like a...