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  1. Wdam33

    Letter from Dish on Hardware Upgrade to Keep Locals

    So, I got a letter from Dish asking me to call in to schedule a tech appointment to upgrade equipment to keep my locals (Louisville, KY). I've got the western Arc dish and a wing. Are the Louisville markets moving? Mark
  2. Wdam33

    Question 622 EHD to Hopper with sling

    Quick question. Had a 622 with an EHD. Got a new Hopper with Sling. Moved EHD from 622 and Hopper recognized it and I can view all the contents on that drive. However, it appears that I can not move stuff from the Hopper drive to the EHD or vice-versa. I suppose that I have to use the...
  3. Wdam33

    XM Satellite interruption 2/2/2011

    It appears that the XM service is down. I noticed that it went down around 545 PM EST. Multiple forums (xmfan) are reporting the interruption. All of my devices have no signal or audio. Also can not tune in the preview channel. Mark In KY
  4. Wdam33

    Fees...see if I got this right

    Hey gang, Please check to see if this right... I have two 301's that I want to replace with a 625 (will buy) plus, I will be keeping my 811. If I subscribe to the everything pak and have the 625 telephone plugged in, is the DVR fee still waived? So, If I have the 625 and 811 (both owned), I...
  5. Wdam33

    Sony Pictures announces it will not downconvert over analog outputs!

    Just saw this over at slashdot... With the imminent war over which format will be the successor to the much-loved DVD about to get underway, Sony is throwing a bone to owners of some older HDTVs. At a technical briefing last week, Sony...
  6. Wdam33

    Sunshine Network Question

    I went to while helping a co-worker select a package for his new setup and noticed that Sunshine Network was availalble in the AT180. When I moved moved from FL back home to KY, I originally could not get Sunshine Network unless I got the "Multi-Sport pak" for $5.99/month...
  7. Wdam33

    Universal Music and Echostar in discussions about a new music channel

    Didn't see that this was posted in the news folder....but since its relavent to Dish... Watch out MTV! Universal Music Group and Echostar are in discussions about a new music channel that could air as early as 2005. Full article along with some interesting reading can be found here...
  8. Wdam33

    Switches...should they be inside or outside.

    Just a question or opinion.... Last year when our new house was finished, the installer installed the DP34 outside just underneath my electical service entrance. Was wondering if it would be better to move it inside the house and you put the ground blocks outside? The installer ran a ground...
  9. Wdam33

    TNT launching HDTV channel in May

    Sorry :no , did a search and see that it was already reported. Though it was pretty cool to see it on the local cable system this past weekend... Don't know if this has been posted yet. The release date is Jan 6, I may have missed it. The local cable company in Louisville...
  10. Wdam33

    Delayed 811 Install

    Well, the local installer comes to the house this morning and says I have your 811 and second dish ready to install. I said, second dish? I only ordered a receiver. He states that one of my locals is 61.5 and I needed the second antenna, and that there are HD channels on 61.5. Both of which...
  11. Wdam33

    AT150 Question

    Hey Everyone, Back in 2001 when I moved back to KY and signed up with Dish, I had to sign up for the sports pack (5.99/month) so that I could get Sunshine Network...according to E* CSR. Looking over at E*'s website, I see that the AT150 carries Sunshine Network. The CSR told me that I had...
  12. Wdam33

    Is 121 a DBS or FSS Satellite?

    With the recent developments on the whole SuperDish deal...I can't remember what the 121 bird is. Is it a DBS sat or FSS? Also, my locals are currently on 110 spotbeam 4 (Louisville, KY). Based on some of the things from the chat, I suppose they would be moving at some point. The nice thing...