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  1. Mapleleaf69

    rain fade on your dish i can fix that.

    tired of rain fade on your satellite dish, well problem solved. i wonder if it truly would work.
  2. Mapleleaf69

    actuator arm question

    here is my question about the actuator arm. if your arm has slipped on the mounting bracket lets say about 1 inch will this cause the dish not to track the arc properly.ive got my arc set from 87w (signal about 40%) to 131w (signal about 30% to 40%) neighbours tree just catches my 131 sat. now...
  3. Mapleleaf69

    true south satellite

    ok guys, here we go again with repointing my c band dish. last time i didnt get the arc set proper and could only get a few sats to come in. what would be my true south sat to point at going by my lat and long. lat -42.8 long- 80.3 im getting bummed out not being able to get my proper arc...
  4. Mapleleaf69

    c band alignment question

    ok guys ive followed your last instructions and have read till my eyes hurt. now my question is i have great signal from 85w to 107w.but from 118w to 127w i get nothiong at all unless i go out and lower the dish about 1 my question is to you, is my actuator arm not set properly as my...
  5. Mapleleaf69

    8psk board for VS9000hd

    is it possable to pick up any 8psk channels with the viewsat 9000 with the add on module. was thinking of buying one but need to know if it does actually work before i waste my money.
  6. Mapleleaf69

    AE HD and THC HD not coming in

    not sure why my first post was deleted when i asked this question. but anyways can anyone comfirm that AE and THC are not in the clear any more on 125w sat.
  7. Mapleleaf69

    G28 transponders needed

    sorry but i ment to say g28 not amc3.but i need some help guys as my dam viewsat rebooted it self and i lost all my satellite info an channels. now i cant seem to get galaxy28@89w in. could someone please post a few good transponders for me. thanks
  8. Mapleleaf69

    need transponders for 99w

    ive got 99w tuned in but cant seem to get fox or this tv to scan in.i get signal from the transponder i put in but it finds nothing. anyone wanna share what transponder is working for them. thanks
  9. Mapleleaf69

    viewsat9000HD and c-band dish

    hey guys got a question on my viewsat hd.ive hooked it up to my old c-band dish with original lnb. when i try to do a blind scan it doesnt pick anything up but if i do a auto scan it will scan transponders that are in the menu and bring in if i hook up my vs extreme and blind scan...
  10. Mapleleaf69

    error code *2

    been getting a error code on general instruments 2400r. now i think i might have pin pointed my problem. first off i wanted to know if power will flow from power supply box to switch even if i push buttons on switch by hand. if so the dish still doesnt move. i have checked all wires many times...